Mindfulness Exercises for a Present State of Mind, Body, and Soul

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Mindfulness is more than a state of mind we aspire to reach during meditation.

To live a mindfulness lifestyle is a matter of being present, as in being in the present moment. And not just mentally but physically and emotionally as well.

Truly being and living in the present is to first look at why practicing mindfulness can benefit you greatly in each of these areas of your life. Then we’ll look at how you can put your mindfulness practice into practice so you can be and live from the present state of mind every day.

Include your mindfulness practice in your daily rituals to make better habits. Here are five ways you can build those better habits.

The Mental, Physical and Emotional Benefits of Having A Mindfulness Practice

To be mentally mindful is about bringing consciousness to the thoughts that come up in your mind and what you consume that may impact your internal world. It includes cultivating self-awareness and knowing when a negative thought surfaces, acknowledge it then intentionally shift the thought. 

The benefits of mental mindfulness are that you are much more aware of your thoughts. The awareness allows you to be in more control of how to react and navigate through them. 

Being physically mindful is about enhancing the presence already in the body. A great way is to focus on your senses. Breathe from your diaphragm and tune into what your body is telling you when you feel stressed or upset. 

Beneficial elements to physical mindfulness are feeling more grounded in your own body, secure in your beliefs, and consistent with your healthy habits.

Prioritizing how you are presently feeling and transferring the energy towards how you want to feel about yourself and others is the purpose of being emotionally mindful.

Beneficially, emotional mindfulness cultivates self-awareness by helping you pay closer attention to how your daily actions impact your mood, making it easier for you to take the action necessary to pivot if necessary. 

Practicing mindfulness plays a major role in your overall well-being. Here’s how to make your wellness practice (like your mindfulness practice) a lifestyle.

Mindfulness Exercises For Being Present Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally

Mentally, when a negative thought surfaces, become aware that you and the thought are separate. The thought has a right to be there, but not the right to lead unless you allow it to. If the thought does not serve you, instead allow your awareness to observe the thought without following it too much. Thank it, and then release it.

Physically, pay close attention to when your body is on autopilot. Identify an activity where you’re usually on automatic modes, like brushing your teeth. The next time you brush your teeth, focus on the sensations, the energy, and responses. Let your body feel without judgment and breathe. Consider it as a meditation and make it a practice around your actions, even those just second nature to you. 

Emotionally, sit with yourself for a few minutes at the end of the day. Place one hand over your heart and tune in to how you feel. Mentally replay the day and take note of any triggers that may have made you feel a certain way. Sit with those feelings and intentionally shift by seeing them not as negative or positive. Instead, see them for the good of your growth and development.

If you want to learn how to expand, calm, and focus your mind, helping you be more present and joyful every day, join the Get Loved Up Community to learn healthy holistic training and lifestyle habits.

What do you think of these mindfulness exercises? Share with us how you practice being in the present moment in the comments.

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