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My mission is to be YOUR guide.

There is no
one-size-fits-all wellness Program

It's hard to navigate through the fear-based media with confusing information and find what works for you. If you’re anything like me, your time and energy are sacred, so there's little space for trial and error.

After working with hundreds of clients and leading my community of over 2 million wellness enthusiasts to optimal health and wellness, I'm CONFIDENT that if you put in the work you will see results.

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Success Stories

“Koya showed me how beautiful life can be when you are being your true authentic self, something that I have been afraid to do for the majority of my life. From Koya I learned the power of silence but also the beauty of living your life out loud.”

- Ife, Hampton


“Koya possesses the unique ability to lead by example. I am so grateful to have connected with Koya and to have her as my mentor for life and business.”

- Teni ayo ariyo


“Thank you so much for creating this sacred space and allowing me to bloom and stand strong in my powers. From her kind words, to her knowledge, everything will be stored in my toolbox for life. "

- Denisha Roberts


Your coaching options

Getting Started

intimate 1-1 Sessions

Holistic Health Coaching

Integrate a healthier lifestyle by shifting your habits & mindset to change the way you feel on a daily basis for optimal health and vitality.

By the end of the session you will: Be clear on how to set up a holistic lifestyle plan for yourself applicable to your daily life that helps you have the most joy, live in love, fulfill your purpose, and optimize your health on a daily basis.

Tools to transform limiting beliefs into love-based liberation.

monthly live calls

Virtual Group Coaching

Thrive on a high collective vibration. Feel supported within a community with the same wellness goals to keep yourself accountable.

Unlock your fierceness, confidence and limitless potential to take action in creating your ideal life. Enjoy a community of intentional health enthusiasts who get your vision, supporting your growth + expansion as your truest self.

Connect to your purpose and you will be of the highest service.

Partner platforms

Partnership Coaching Opportunities

Want to get to know me a little better through collaborative coaching calls? Learn my simple wellness tools with a large community of others.

Topics include learning to tap into your energy centers, reframing your thoughts, and exercises to cultivate self-love. Access a global community of over 10,000 personal development enthusiasts & the world’s top coaches in a private community area.

By sharing in collaboration over competition, we all rise.

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let's be real.

investing time, energy & money on yourself isn’t easy

What if you didn’t have to always feel depleted or overwhelmed?

Or like you're constantly chasing a version of success that doesn’t align with your true purpose?

I can help you  make your everyday living enjoyable, energizing and a blessing.



Releasing your fears & living the life you want.


Immersing yourself becoming your highest self.


Creating freedom, and fulfillment.


Letting in a love based mindset.

Recognizing you are the creator of reality.

Investing in yourself to make changes.

Opening yourself up to transformation.

this is for you.

Koya is literally an angel on earth. She has helped me tap into another life, the life that I’ve always wanted. Her passion for yoga and holistic wellness is what I love most, her personality is a plus!

- Denisha Roberts



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To evaluate if you’re a good fit, and make sure you get the best personalized the wellness coaching.


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Depending on your offer choice payment will be done by paypal, in full. 


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Before our first session you will fill out a questionnaire to best evaluate your current health situation to see where we need to best tailor the coaching.

Over the past 18 years as a master yoga teacher and transformational expert


​I have coached great performers like Stevie Wonder & P Diddy. I've had my work featured in major media outlets like ​Oxygen, Muscle & Performance, the Steve Harvey Show, ABC, NBC and CBS.

I believe ​you are born to manifest greatness & create a life that prioritizes wellbeing. Are ​YOU​ ready to step into the GREATEST version of yourself?


Finally make those positive healthy changes that you know are needed to live your best life

Get the accountability you've been searching for.

I’ve got you, I have helped ​thousands of people worldwide reach their health goals and dreams, unblock stuck energy, and release toxic patterns.

My personalized holistic health coaching program will

Help you..

+ Start your healing journey

+ Live with purpose & alignment

+ use powerful wellness tools

+ make time for your self-care

+ Feel energized for purpose

+ Create your holistic health 

+ Identify your limitations

Ready for transformation?

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You don’t have to waste more time wondering
what it would be like to fulfill your potential 

It is time to create the life you were born to live.

- Koya webb

Dreaming of creating space
 for yourSELF?


Want to finally take action for the healthy lifestyle transition you’ve been dreaming of?

I can’t wait to become your personal wellness guide

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