How to Make Your Wellness Practice a Lifestyle

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I don’t believe that one would experience the satisfying benefits and the positive impact that wellness can have on their life if it doesn’t become part of their lifestyle. 

I’ve managed to become consistent with my self-care practices because I made them easier for myself by integrating them as my daily rituals, therefore cultivating a lifestyle from them. 

I’ve got a breakdown for you on how to transform your wellness practices into a long-lasting lifestyle which is where the true transformation for optimal health and wellness lies.

How To Make Your Wellness Practice A Lifestyle

Identify the healthy habits that benefit you the most by experimenting with the various practices. Practices like meditation, yoga, journaling, one-mile walks, cardio workouts are just a few of the many healthy habits you can cultivate. They are the habits that make you feel better physically, spiritually, and mentally and are necessary for enhancing your well-being.

Fit your favorite wellness practices into your planner and schedule them daily during times in the day that is more practical for you. Find windows of time and use them as breaks between different tasks. Or maybe consider waking up earlier if you want to make sure your day starts with the right mindset.

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Start small by performing your wellness practices for only 5-20 minutes each. Having a small amount of time for practice will help make it easier to establish confidence and consistency. Once you’ve mastered doing them for a short time, then you can opt for doing them longer. Additionally, make your practices not only short but simple. The simpler the practice, the greater the likelihood you will continue doing them. Remember, it’s not about the practice itself but how it makes you feel.

Create a goal for each of your chosen wellness practices to help you stay rooted and motivated to keep going. Make sure your goals are tangible and specific. For example, it can be meditating 10 minutes a day or drinking 16oz of lime or lemon water. You can also make the goals more feelings-focused. For example, you can spend 30 minutes in nature during lunch so you can feel refreshed for the rest of your workday.

“Habit-stacking” your practices so they are not only easier to execute but more enjoyable. Listen to your favorite music while stretching your body to feel uplifted and energized. Or visualize your perfect day while journaling for clarity and guidance. There isn’t a right or wrong way to stack your habits. Habit-stack your practices in such a way that allows you to be consistent in doing them every day.

What’s Habit-Stacking? How can you use it to build better habits? Here’s How to Build Better Habits with Your Daily Rituals.

Join a community for support because accountability is a significant factor in helping you stay focused on your journey towards making these practices a way of life. When you’re part of a group of high-vibe, like-minded people, this keeps you motivated and moving forward. That’s why I’ve created the Get Loved Up membership. It’s full of resources on key wellness topics like fitness, nutrition, yoga, and meditation so you can explore, experiment, and embody into your wellness lifestyle.

Want to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about holistic health & wellness and personal transformation? Join friendly, welcoming people around the world to support each other in achieving your goals and living your best life.

What wellness practices are becoming a part of your holistic health lifestyle?

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