Podcast: EP 57 The Sacredness of Sound and Silence with Dr. Crystal Jones

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The power of sound, breath, and silence is something I believe in deeply. So it was an honor and joy to talk to my sister, a Get Loved Up alumni, Dr. Crystal Jones, about how these elements work within us to heal us.

As a dynamic anchor and sound therapist, Crystal desired to create a practice that was based in RADICAL vulnerability, revealing and allowing. She is certified and has practiced in many modalities and see those languages of healing as tools that evoke awareness – rather than services to be offered. Through her deeply devoted practice to presence she creates brave space for people to be with fullness of themselves. Her mission is to disrupt this narrative of brokenness with the power of intentional presence.

Her core purpose is to witness the remembrance of the True nature of every being that crosses her path – Wholeness, Perfection and Completion.

In this conversation, we talk about what drew Crystal to practicing with sound and silence, how she has embraced her identity as a Black Queer Femme, and how to be present in the moment, no matter what.


  • How Crystal grew to love sound and silence as a form of therapy (1:41)
  • How the Get Loved Up yoga training taught Crystal about movement (5:31)
  • The importance of holding space and having space held for Crystal (8:31)
  • What it means for Crystal to identify as nonbinary (13:15)
  • How Crystal learned to grow in relationships with a partner (16:09)
  • The importance of being in the present moment (23:15)

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