Podcast: EP 40 Speak Your Truth and Own Your Power with Jen Esquer

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Today’s conversation is really powerful for anyone in an intimate relationship who is wondering if it’s the right one to stay in. My friend Jen has been through an incredible healing journey this year after leaving a very public relationship of 4 and a half years. I have been really excited to hear her story and share it with you because relationships are one of the most powerful and challenging parts of life to navigate.

Jen Esquer is a top-40 physical therapy influencer. With a Doctorate in physical therapy, she is ranked as one of the Best Fitness Trainers on IG by Shape Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness as well as well as a select interview guest on CBS and on the RISE podcast with Mogul CEO Rachel Hollis.

Nowadays, she offers private sports therapy, online programs, workshops and speaks at global engagements, attracting audiences from stay-at-home moms to Hollywood actors and Olympic athletes. Her mission is to help those who are willing to listen to their body, reverse aging, eliminate pain and establish sustainable health.

Jen shares so much in this episode about the warning signs of a mis-aligned relationship, how to leave, and how to heal. She is a wonderful example of owning your truth and standing in your power.

“No one can take away your truth.”

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Show notes

  • How public relationships don’t define who someone is (1:36)
  • The ways that every relationship can help us grow (6:04)
  • How to get over the feeling of not being enough in a relationship (8:12)
  • What it feels like to have your body telling you something isn’t right (10:15)
  • The power of learning to trust yourself (11:07)
  • What to do if you are in a relationship that isn’t aligned with your values (12:29)
  • What the signs are of a misaligned relationship (18:44)
  • How to be seen in a relationship for who you are (24:40)
  • When it’s okay to stay in a tough relationship (28:20)
  • Why and when it’s powerful to share your story publicly (33:39)
  • What it feels like to step into your power (38:12)
  • What opens the door to an aligned relationship (40:20)
  • The difference between looking for a boyfriend and looking for a partner (44:29)
  • What the healing process looks like after a relationship ends (46:15)
  • Why you must love yourself before others can love you fully (53:50)
  • How Jen gets loved up (54:10)

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