7 Ways You Can Support the People of Ukraine

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In our current times, it has never been more important to show some love to our suffering world, more precisely, the country that needs it more than ever right now.

It is easy to get caught up in the fear, and darkness humankind is capable of. However, it is crucial not to let that get in the way. Instead, let’s turn towards love and positivity, as this will help us support the people of Ukraine in the most significant way possible.

According to the UN’s refugee agency, over 1.7 million Ukrainian people have become refugees.

Additionally, the war has brought about a racism issue. Black people —and other immigrants— are experiencing discrimination at the border when wanting to leave a conflict. While it seems a priority for refuge is given to white Ukrainians as they are crossing the border.

How You Can Help the People of Ukraine

If you’re looking for ways to support those affected in Ukraine, I am sharing 7 amazing resources you can support to help the current conflict.

Here’s How You Can Help and Support the People in Ukraine

1. Shop Ukrainian locals.
Book Airbnb homes and shop from Etsy to help Ukrainian artisans financially. Many all over the world are supporting Ukrainians this way, including donating money directly through these platforms.

2. Read Ukrainian journalism.
When it comes to being informed, reading the local Ukrainian news will help the world stay reported on the crisis and spread important information. Donate to Ukrainian publications like the Kyiv Independent, the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, and the International Press Institute.

3. Volunteer in peaceful protests.
Be a peaceful part of the cause to help raise awareness and justify the importance of Ukraine’s issues.

4. Stay up-to-date on the current news.
Stay updated on the current news through local Ukraine publications. Be sure to keep absorbing the news to a minimum by placing boundaries to protect your mental health.

5. Support non-governmental organizations.
Direct your energy towards supporting non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially those that offer aid for children, provide medical supplies, help journalists and refugees.

6. Donate.
Speaking of supporting NGOs, I have partnered with The Care initiative to help raise donations that support the immediate crisis response so they can reach millions of Ukrainians with emergency aid.

7. Join the Share-A-Meal Fundraiser.
Another NGO I’m honored to support is the Share-A-Meal fundraiser project for Ukraine. Share-A-Meal tackles hunger issues in less developed communities, financing meals to families for only 70 cents.

If you know of other ways we can continue to support the Ukrainian community, please let me know in the comments below so I can spread the word.

Love yourself. Love others. Love the world. ~Koya Webb

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