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5 Foods That Give You Super(wo)man Energy

You might have felt how, depending on the foods you eat, you feel like some days you could conquer the world and others you just want to watch Netflix. And although it might be also related with your stress, the types of food you eat play a big role on your energy levels.

So if you want to become a super productive and energetic, have a look at the 5 foods that will give you superpowers!

Coconut Oil

Unlike other foods with saturated fats, coconut oil contains a unique form of saturated fats that serve as an energy source for the body instead of being stored. These fats also help the fat burning process in the body, so you get 2 for 1!

Chia Seeds

These are the best plant-based source of protein that you will find around. They give you a boost of energy, keep you satiated and you can use them in nearly any recipe: smoothies, salads, cake,… you name it!

Green leafy veggies

You do know where Popeye got his energy from, right? But if spinach isn’t your thing, there is much more to chose from such as kale, broccoli or watercress. They are also high in in vitamins known to prevent cancer, improve the circulation and even ease feelings of depression. What else are you waiting for to add them to your diet?


Here you have so many choices it is nearly impossible to not find one or two you enjoy eating. Be aware though that fruits contain big amounts of glucose and having too much of it can create even more fatigue. Try to limit your amount to a few pieces a day without overdoing it and you will be fine.

Green superfood

The own word describes it as ‘super’, it’s pretty obvious that they provide super energy! Spirulina and chlorella are probably the most well known ones and the great thing about them is that you can either mix them in smoothies or have them as a pill.

Who needs coffee when nature gives you the energy you need?

Get To Know Our Man Crush This Week – Jonny Juicer

Name: Jonny Juicer

Juicing was what originally sparked my whole journey all together when I stumbled upon Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead in 2012. Up until that point from a very young age I had suffered from an assortment of gut issues as well as chronic migraines. After seeing the powers of plant based nutrition through incorporating juicing daily without even changing my diet, I didn’t stop there and became passionate about learning more.

I went vegetarian in 2013 after reading the China Study and in March of 2013 went vegan. Through every step I was feeling better and better to where I challenged myself to go raw in New Years 2014. Besides a few juice fasts over the last few years all the migraines that hampered me all my life as well as gut issues are a memory. Veganism changed not just my physical health but my mental, emotional and spiritual as well. Throughout my journey I’ve also become a health coach with the mission to help spread the word as well as empower and guide people on their journeys.

Here are 3 Ways That I Practice Self-Love

  1. Juicing DAILY to nourish my body
  2. Getting out in nature, meditating and getting connected nourishing my mind and spirit, and
  3. Getting to the gym to work on the physical body

5 Ways To Deal With Toxic Relationships

We all grew up and were taught in different ways, which is why relationships aren’t easy. Be it your family, friends or special someone, if both of you have issues inside awaiting to be solved, sometimes a toxic relationship might develop out of this.

It’s not something we do intentionally, but it happens and it takes work to flip it around. We always hear people talking
about toxic romantic relationships, but this is something that applies to anyone. If it is just a romantic partner, you even have the choice of letting that person go, but when it happens with someone who matters more like a family member, you might want to work on turning that relationship into a healthy one.

1. Set boundaries

One of the things that defines toxic relationships is that people have no limits when it comes to interacting with you and you can also test if the relationship is toxic by putting up some limits. In a healthy relationship they will be respected without a problem, in a toxic one they will try to convince you that you are overreacting.

2. Don’t take things personally

When in an unhealthy relationship, the other person might do things due to their own fears and insecurities and that might trigger some feelings in you. But you need to always remember this: it is not your fault. We are all responsible for the way we feel, in toxic relationships the other person might play the victim and try to make you feel responsible for their feelings. But I am telling you, you are not.

3. Don’t play their game

The best way to make it out alive in a toxic situation is to not play their games. If they try to make you responsible for the way they feel, focus on yourself. If they act in a passive aggressive way, ignore them. If they try to belittle you in front of your friends, don’t take it seriously. When they see that this is not the way to do things, they will start changing their

4. Take space

Being in a toxic relationship drains you emotionally. A lot. If it’s a relationship you want to make work, you will need to identify when you feel tired and love yourself enough to take a break and focus on healing you. That’s not something selfish to do, it’s healthy and it means that you are your priority.

5. Be the light

If you are reading this, it means you realized there is a problem and you want to improve the situation, which means you want and are able to grow. That is the first step! When you have a toxic relationship, the other person in it tends to be negative. Don’t let that shut your light, instead, focus on being a light and motivation for them!

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