Why You Should Walk A Mile A Day

Your grandma can do it, I can do it and so can you.

You might tell yourself that you are out of shape or that you are not athletic and use those as excuses to skip working out. That’s why running a mile a day is so perfect! It’s something suited for everyone and it will get your blood pumping.

Afterwards, you can decide if it’s something that you like or not, but before saying no to being healthier, here are some benefits of running a mile a day:

  1. Extends longevity
  2. Prevents heart disease
  3. Promotes good blood circulation
  4. Reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer
  5. Gets you naturally high!

Do I need to say more? You signed up to the Get Loved Up challenge to make a change to your life – and running (or walking) a mile a day is a first step towards physical health. Try it once and focus on how good you feel afterwards and keep it as a daily habit during these 28 days.

Find a friend you can do this with, compete with each other to be able to do this for the whole duration of the challenge. That’s why it’s called a challenge, right? It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy.

If running is something you completely hate, you can find something you enjoy doing that has the same effect. Turn up the music and dance until you drop for 20 minutes straight. The important thing here is to get your body moving!

How did you move your body today?

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