What are your core values?

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Hi, I'm Koya

It’s already day 4 and I think its time for some introspection. Today I have an important question to ask you:

Which values have you taught yourself and which values did you acquire through family or your general environment?

Values are something very sensitive, we might grow up being taught the right ones or the wrong ones, and it is complicated to free oneself from something you have learned to be true all your life from someone you trusted, but sometimes we need to learn new values to be able to grow.

For example, if you live in an environment where both your family and society believe that money is something that makes you evil, you will grow to fear money and never be able to make it. That’s why today I want to challenge you to evaluate your current values. What do you feel as wrong or as right? Is there something people taught you was wrong but you never really felt that way?

Values are something that brings¬†our society together, but sometimes they also bring unhappiness if they don’t match with our essence, who we truly are. A great way to naturally discover if we really feel connected to our values is by traveling. Every country or even city you go has a different set of values. There might be some universal ones, but also some that come with culture or religion.

If traveling is not an option right now, don’t worry! You can sit down, get a piece of paper and start thinking about your life. Make a list of what your parents taught you, what school taught you, what your friends taught you. FEEL if they really connect with you. It’s not an easy task, for values have been introduced in our unconscious since we are young, but you will feel discomfort when something doesn’t matches. It’s like when you put a puzzle into the wrong space, it just isn’t a fit.

This is also a very interesting conversation to have with your friends and close ones. If there is a value that you realize doesn’t fit you, think of a new one you would like to acquire and make a habit out of it!

The value that everyone should learn regardless of who they are or where they come from? Love – it is the most powerful force, it can conquer all!

What values do you think don’t really match with you?

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