What’s on your vision list?

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These are not your crazy dreams that will never come true, what you put on this list is your FUTURE.

Sometimes we remember of those dreams that we had that never came true, but that’s because we didn’t want them bad enough. When you set your mind on something, you have to want to go for it hard. A vision list or vision board will keep you accountable and remind you of what really matters to you. And it’s as easy as taking a few minutes to do it.

The easy way is to just write down a list of your specific goals and carry it everywhere with you, knowing that it’s there will make you take the decisions that will get you to your goals. Having it on your phone or even as a wallpaper will make it extra present. I also like the idea of a vision board since it’s something much more visually appealing and it is said that it works better since it helps create an image in your head.

Either way, once you have one or both done, actually believe they are becoming true and be grateful that it’s happening. That’s the way to success. You are asking the universe for something and having such a big amount of faith that the universe has no other choice than open the doors for you to go and get it!

The fun way to do this: buy some magazines, get your friends over & start creating your future!

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