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Going into a new season is always a good time to reset the body, mind, and spirit, and prepare for what the new quarter will bring. One of the best ways to rejuvenate the body is to do a cleanse or detox to flush out toxins. Before we dive into their importance, let’s clarify what cleanses and detoxes actually entail.

Cleanses typically involve temporary dietary changes aimed at eliminating certain foods or food groups for a specific period. Detoxes, on the other hand, often involve a combination of dietary changes, fasting, and other practices to purportedly rid the body of accumulated toxins. Cleanses and detoxes also do a great deal for nutrition as they promote mindful eating. A well-balanced diet that provides essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, is essential for optimal bodily function. Instead of resorting to drastic measures, focusing on a sustainable and balanced diet will have a more lasting positive impact on your overall health listening, of course, to what your body needs based on your preferences and lifestyle. 


Our bodies are equipped with a sophisticated system for detoxification – primarily through the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. Cleanses and detoxes are designed to work in conjunction with our systems, not against them. Keep in mind abrupt dietary changes or fasting during detoxes can actually place additional stress on the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. Instead of enhancing detoxification, extreme practices might hinder these processes.


One of the central tenets of cleanses and detoxes is the concept of eliminating toxins from the body. However, it’s important to critically examine what exactly these toxins are. The term “toxins” is often used vaguely without clear definition, leaving many people uncertain about what they’re meant to be eliminating. In reality, our bodies are exposed to a variety of substances in our environment, some of which might be harmful. However, our bodies are equipped to handle a certain degree of exposure. Rather than relying on short-term detoxes, adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes reducing exposure to harmful substances and consuming a balanced diet can have a more lasting impact on overall well-being.


While the physical benefits of cleanses and detoxes are sometimes debated, there’s a potential psychological aspect to consider. Engaging in a cleanse or detox might serve as a mental reset, helping individuals break unhealthy eating patterns and reestablish a healthier relationship with food when done mindfully. Cleanses and detoxes can encourage those who partake to reflect on dietary habits, leading them to potentially make healthier lifestyle choices moving forward.


Here are a few types of cleanses and detoxes you can try to incorporate depending on your lifestyle and preferences:


Juice Cleanses-

Juice cleanses involve consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for a specific period, usually a few days and sometimes up to 10. They are often rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but lack essential protein and fiber. Some proponents claim juice cleanses aid digestion and increase energy levels. Juice cleanses may result in rapid weight loss due to calorie restriction, but this weight loss is often temporary. Extended juice cleanses may lead to nutrient deficiencies and are not suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions.

Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet)-

The Master Cleanse involves consuming a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water for 10 days. It’s often promoted as a way to detoxify the body and promote weight loss. Supporters believe the cleanse can help clear toxins, improve skin, and boost energy. The Master Cleanse severely restricts caloric intake, leading to rapid weight loss, but potentially deprives the body of essential nutrients. Extended periods of consuming only the Master Cleanse mixture can lead to nutrient deficiencies and muscle loss. You can find all of the ingredients for the Master Cleanse on my Amazon shop by using the following link:


Master Cleanse Ingredients 

Intermittent Fasting-

Intermittent fasting involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting, such as the 16/8 method (16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating). It has been associated with improved insulin sensitivity, weight loss, and even potential longevity benefits in some studies. Intermittent fasting doesn’t prescribe specific foods; rather, it focuses on when to eat. Fasting periods may lead to increased mental clarity and focus in some individuals. Intermittent fasting might not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions or a history of disordered eating.

Detox Teas-

Detox teas contain herbal ingredients like dandelion root, ginger, and green tea, often marketed as aiding in detoxification. Some detox teas claim to support weight loss, boost metabolism, and reduce bloating. The effects of detox teas are often attributed to their diuretic and laxative properties, which can lead to water loss and temporary weight loss. Prolonged use of detox teas with strong laxatives can lead to electrolyte imbalances and disrupt normal bowel function. The claims made by detox tea companies are often not supported by strong scientific evidence, and their effectiveness can vary widely.


The Queen Afua Cleanse-

The Queen Afua Cleanse is a holistic approach to detoxification and overall wellness developed by holistic health practitioner and wellness advocate Queen Afua. This cleanse is rooted in African and indigenous healing traditions and aims to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The cleanse is designed to help individuals release toxins, balance their energy, and reconnect with their inner selves. Here are some key aspects of the Queen Afua Cleanse:


  • African Bio-Mineral Balance: The Queen Afua cleanse draws inspiration from African healing traditions, emphasizing the importance of using natural, plant-based foods and herbs to restore balance in the body. It focuses on incorporating nutrient-rich foods that support detoxification and rejuvenation.


  • Holistic Approach: The cleanse goes beyond just dietary changes, emphasizing the holistic nature of well-being. It encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health, encouraging participants to address emotional blockages and cultivate a positive mindset.


  • Plant-Based Nutrition: The cleanse promotes a plant-based diet rich in whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. Participants are encouraged to eliminate processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine, and animal products during the cleanse.


  • Herbal Support: The Queen Afua cleanse often incorporates herbal supplements and teas that are believed to support detoxification and overall health. These herbs may include dandelion root, burdock root, and sarsaparilla.


  • Hydration and Cleansing: Adequate hydration is emphasized during the cleanse to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Participants are encouraged to drink plenty of water, herbal teas, and natural juices.


  • Spiritual Reconnection: The Queen Afua cleanse places a strong emphasis on spiritual growth and self-discovery. It encourages practices such as meditation, deep breathing, affirmations, and energy work to promote inner peace and alignment.


  • Body Movement: Physical activity is an important component of the cleanse. Movement practices such as yoga, dance, and gentle exercises are encouraged to support circulation, flexibility, and overall vitality.


  • Community Support: The cleanse often takes place in a group setting or within a community. Queen Afua’s books, workshops, and online resources provide guidance and support to participants throughout their cleanse journey.


  • Duration and Phases: The Queen Afua cleanse typically spans multiple phases, often lasting for several weeks. Each phase focuses on different aspects of detoxification and healing, gradually introducing new foods and practices.


  • Intention Setting: Before starting the cleanse, participants are encouraged to set clear intentions for their journey. This includes defining their wellness goals, such as increased energy, improved digestion, or emotional healing.

Queen Afua Sacred Woman


The Medical Medium Cleanse-

The Medical Medium Cleanse is a dietary and lifestyle approach popularized by Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium. Anthony William claims to receive health and wellness information from a spiritual source he refers to as the “Spirit of Compassion.” The Medical Medium Cleanse emphasizes the incorporation of specific foods, supplements, and practices with the goal of improving health and addressing various health issues. Some of the highlights of the cleanse include:


  • Focus on Healing Foods: The cleanse encourages the consumption of specific healing foods, including fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, and wild foods. It emphasizes a plant-based, whole-foods approach to nourishing the body.


  • Heavy Metal Detox: Anthony William places a strong emphasis on detoxifying heavy metals, such as mercury and aluminum, from the body. He suggests consuming certain foods and supplements, like cilantro, spirulina, barley grass juice powder, and Atlantic dulse, to support this process.


  • Avoiding Certain Foods: The cleanse advises avoiding foods that Anthony William claims can contribute to health issues, such as dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, corn, and certain oils. These recommendations are based on the belief that these foods can feed pathogens and contribute to inflammation.


  • Liver and Gallbladder Support: The cleanse includes recommendations for supporting the liver and gallbladder health. This includes consuming specific fruits, herbs, and supplements believed to aid in detoxification and bile production.


  • Celery Juice: One of the signature components of the Medical Medium cleanse is the daily consumption of celery juice on an empty stomach. This practice is believed to have various health benefits, including improving digestion and supporting detoxification.


  • Supplements and Herbs: Anthony William suggests specific supplements and herbs to support healing and detoxification. These may include supplements like zinc, selenium, vitamin C, and certain herbs like lemon balm and cat’s claw.


  • Emotional Healing: The Medical Medium cleanse acknowledges the connection between emotional well-being and physical health. Anthony William emphasizes the importance of addressing emotional stress and trauma as part of the healing process.


  • Spiritual and Mindfulness Practices: The cleanse integrates spiritual and mindfulness practices, encouraging participants to engage in meditation, prayer, and positive affirmations to support their healing journey.


  • Communication with Spirit: Anthony William claims to receive health information from a spiritual source. He suggests that some health issues are caused by “unseen” pathogens and that his guidance can help individuals address these issues.


  • Customization: The Medical Medium cleanse can be customized based on individual health concerns and goals. Anthony William’s books and online resources provide guidance on tailoring the cleanse to individual needs.

Medical Medium – Cleanse To Heal


Chopra Cleanse- Deepak Chopra is a prominent figure in the fields of alternative medicine, spirituality, and holistic wellness. He has authored numerous books on these subjects and is known for his integrated approach to health and well-being. The Chopra Cleanse promotes a holistic approach to cleansing and wellness. This might involve a combination of dietary changes, meditation, mindfulness practices, and Ayurvedic principles.

Renew and Restore Detox Kit


Remember that before starting any cleanse or detox program, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for your individual health needs and goals.


The following are brands that offer cleanses and detoxes as a part of their product assortments:


Sakara Life-


Sakara Life offers plant-based meal delivery programs designed to promote overall well-being and vitality. Their products include nutrient-dense meals, functional snacks, and detoxifying teas. Sakara’s approach focuses on providing a variety of whole, unprocessed foods to nourish the body. They incorporate superfoods, adaptogens, and high-quality ingredients to support energy and digestion. Sakara’s offerings may range from short-term detox programs to ongoing meal plans.

Sakara Detox


Raw Generation-

Raw Generation specializes in cold-pressed juices, protein smoothies, and juice cleanse packages. They offer cleanses that are designed to be accessible and user-friendly. Raw Generation’s products are raw, vegan, and free from artificial additives. Their focus is on providing nutrient-rich options to support wellness and vitality. The brand may offer customizable cleanse packages based on individual preferences.

Green Protein Juice Cleanse – Lower Sugar*


Pressed Juicery-

Pressed Juicery is known for its wide range of cold-pressed juices and juice cleanse programs.

Their products are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and are cold-pressed to preserve nutrients. Pressed Juicery offers various cleanse levels for beginner to experienced cleansers. They emphasize the benefits of increased hydration and nutrient intake during cleanses. The brand may offer additional plant-based products, such as wellness shots and plant-based soft serves.

Cleanse 2 | Customer Favorite Juice Cleanse


The Detox Market-

The Detox Market offers a curated selection of vegan and clean beauty and wellness products. They may carry detoxifying teas, powders, and supplements from various brands. The focus is on providing products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. The Detox Market aims to support customers in their journey toward clean and conscious living. They offer a platform for customers to discover a variety of detox and wellness products monthly.

Tease Self Care Elixir 


Clean Program-


Clean Program offers a comprehensive approach to cleansing, including dietary guidelines and supplements. Their products are designed to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Clean Program emphasizes whole, nutrient-rich foods and may include plant-based protein shakes. Their programs are guided and may include education on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Clean Program aims to provide tools for sustainable wellness beyond the cleanse.


Clean 7-Day Cleanse and Detox Program


HUM Nutrition-

HUM Nutrition offers a range of vegan supplements designed to support various aspects of health. They provide products that may aid in detoxification, digestion, and overall well-being.

HUM’s supplements are formulated with clean, plant-based ingredients. The brand emphasizes the connection between inner health and outer beauty. HUM Nutrition offers personalized recommendations based on individual needs.

Daily Cleanse


Your Super-

Your Super offers a variety of plant-based superfood powders that can be added to smoothies and meals. Some of their products are designed to support detoxification and boost energy levels. Your Super’s powders are made from organic, nutrient-dense ingredients. The brand emphasizes the importance of adding nutrient-rich foods to one’s diet. Your Super may offer bundles that target specific wellness goals, including detoxification.

Detox Bundle- 5 Day Detox Cleanse


Amazing Grass-

Amazing Grass offers a range of organic, plant-based superfood powders and supplements. Some of their products are designed to support detoxification and alkalizing the body. Their offerings include green juices, detox blends, and digestive support products. Amazing Grass products often contain nutrient-rich ingredients like spirulina, wheatgrass, and barley grass. The brand promotes the benefits of incorporating greens and superfoods into daily nutrition.


Superfood Nutrition System- Amazing Trio Powder


Global Healing-

Global Healing is an innovative brand offering supplements, skincare products, cleanses, and detox and nutrition products. The brand has been around for years and was established by Dr. Edward Group. Their goal is to help their clients have better health by combining science with alternative and complementary natural health knowledge. Their products and services address both physical and emotional concerns. Global Healing offers courses covering an array of topics from understanding the root cause of disease to the power of fasting. They have a wide range of products including vitamins, minerals, products for energy, skin therapy, and various cleanse programs. 

Live Cleanse Program


Herb Pharm-

Herb Pharm specializes in creating liquid herbal extracts and tinctures. They use a meticulous extraction process to obtain the beneficial compounds from various herbs, preserving the plant’s natural properties and ensuring potency. The company is committed to using organic and sustainably-sourced herbs in their products. They work with local farmers and wildcrafters to obtain the best quality herbs while promoting environmental sustainability. Herb Pharm has been in the herbal supplement industry for over four decades. Their experience and dedication to quality have earned them a reputation for producing reliable and effective herbal products.


Cascara Sagrada Liquid Herbal Supplement


Hopefully these suggestions will inspire you to do a cleanse or detox based on your needs. As a helpful reminder, always consult with a healthcare professional prior to starting any program, cleanses, or detoxes. Be sure to engage with our community and let us know what you feel you need to reset for this new quarter! 


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