The Benefits of Smudging

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Many of you who watch my stories or have attended a retreat or yoga training with me before know that smudging is one of my daily rituals. What exactly is smudging?

Smudging is a symbolic exercise that is found in Native American traditions and other indigenous cultures. Smudging involves the burning of selected/sacred herbs that fill the space with the fragrance and cloud of smoke to cleanse the space of negative energy.

No matter how positive a space or person may appear, they are all capable of attracting negative energy from time to time. Along with clearing out the negative energy of space, smudging is also a practice that can be used for centering and healing your mind, body and spirit.

In our busy lives we tend to overlook the wellness of our spiritual energy and focus on just the physical. This practice will allow you to become more in tune with the vibrant and spiritual energy that lives within you.

Smudging can be practiced as much as every day or as little as every other month. No matter how much or how little you decide to practice this ritual, it is important to ensure that you are performing it in a way that involves complete self-awareness and mindfulness.

You may be wondering what types of herbs are typically used for smudging and there are many different types that all have their own unique healing powers.

For example, sage is an herb that is used primarily for healing. The smoke from the sage is used to cleanse and heal the person or space that is being smudged.

Cedar is another herb that provides protection. This power derives from the cedar trees themselves which are considered old and wise spirits.

Sweetgrass is referred to as “the breath of the Earth Mother” which provides us with the assurance that the earth will gives us everything that we need.

Frankincense is another herb that at one point was considered more valuable than gold. This herb is supposed to cleanse and protect the soul.

I personally use sage for smudging, but there are many plants in nature that can be used for spiritual healing and transformation. Have you tried smudging before?

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