Podcast Episode 75 The Wake-Up Call and Finding Your Purpose Through Pain with Marcus Black

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Meet Marcus Black

Marcus Black is a former pastor and current urban missionary providing leadership and mentoring programs to several inner city schools. He’s a traveling inspirational speaker, life coach, and host of The Vitalize Podcast.

Ever since he nearly lost his life at age 18, he’s been committed to making the most of every moment given to him on this earth! Not only does he want to live life to the fullest, but he also wants to give wisdom, love, life, and energy to you and all those he comes into contact with along his journey! That’s the driving force behind his movement; The Vitalize Project!

Marcus lives, works and podcasts from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is available to travel for speaking engagements. (Temporary Image, EMailing Materials now)

In this episode, Marcus shares his near-death experience and how it unequivocally altered the course of his life and shaped the person he was destined to become. He reveals the triumphs and struggles he has overcome, both personal and professional, along with the mountains he is still climbing. You will find out how he keeps his cup filled and what he discovered through the pandemic.

Get Loved Up with Marcus Black

I absolutely love this interview. I appreciate Marcus’s reminder to, “Fill Your Cup,” which is a mantra Get Loved Up lives by as well. He is truly inspiring, and I hope that you find value in what he shared with us. If so, please tag him, @marcusblackspeaks, and me, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your best takeaways. Knowing that you’ve learned something from us inspires us to continue making a positive impact in this world. 

Until next time, love — allow yourself to heal, so it’ll lead you to personal transformation. 

  • Wake-up call (1:35)
  • Living on borrowed time (4:35)
  • Honoring your commitment (6:16)
  • You reap what you sow, not when you sow (8:20)
  • My whole life has been a trial (12:01)
  • When life gives you a four letter word… (14:55)
  • Knowing you are out of alignment (16:34)
  • Journey from Supervisor to Speaker (18:45)
  • Never taking your partner for granted (23:30)
  • Becoming a content creator (25:42)
  • Dealing with critics (29:00)
  • Gratitude through the pandemic (33:30)
  • Actively fill up your cup to protect your peace each day (36:50)
  • Refuel through nature (38:10)
  • Bad news from the doctor (42:45)
  • Marcus’s world (47:11)
  • Letting go of control (49:20)
  • Message from Marcus (54:35)

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