Podcast: EP 56 Transform Your Relationships for Abundance and Success with Rha Goddess

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Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck?

Have you ever wondered why you are always struggling with money — despite the numerous financial blessings you receive? It’s possible that your past relationship with money was cultivated in a scarcity mindset, which now dictates how you manage your finances.

My guest today is Rha Goddess, and she has made it her mission to transform peoples’ lives through an abundance mindset.

Rha Goddess is the founder and CEO of an entrepreneurial training company called, Move the Crowd, which provides business consultation, life coaching, training, and online courses that help entrepreneurs and leaders. It is designed for cultural and creative entrepreneurs working at the crossroads of social impact, profitability, and values. Since its inception in 2011, Move the Crowd has moved and inspired several luminaries, like Gabby Bernstein, Heather Box, Reshma Saujani, Anurag Gupta, and Julia Ahumada Grob, to name just a few.

In this episode, Rha Goddess talks about the six-step process of transforming your relationship with money, and why your relationships with resources are fundamental to your success. She also discusses the four-step process of forgiveness, and more. It’s an exciting session, so let’s get started, love.

Who Is Rha Goddess?

Rha Goddess is the soul coach with an entrepreneurial mindset behind the success of hundreds of cultural visionaries and breakthrough changemakers, whose mission is to revolutionize the way we play, work, live, and do business every day.

In her 30-year career as a creative change agent, cultural innovator, and social impact strategist, Rha Goddess capitalizes on the power of culture and community mixed with creativity to empower the hearts and minds of the people on whose lives she’s impacted.. She is also a globally acclaimed performance artist and activist whose works transformed millions of lives on issues around racial justice and equality, mental health, youth and women’s empowerment, and more.

In 2020, Rha Goddess and Deepa Purushothaman founded nFormation, a first-of-its-kind community created for women of color by women of color. It is a membership-based platform dedicated for WOC seeking to reimagine the traditional power structures and help them evolve to the best versions of themselves.

Rha Goddess is also a best-selling author of the book, The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good, where she shares the six-step approach of following and finding your true calling and redefining success.

It was an honor to have Rha on the Get Loved Up podcast. I learned so much from her about abundance, financial freedom, and success, and I know you will too.  

Why Your Relationship with Resources Is Fundamental to Your Success

Your relationship with money lies in between the opposing ends of a spectrum — on one end is scarcity, and on the other end is abundance. On which side does your relationship with money belong?

If your relationship with money leans toward scarcity, even if you receive plenty of money at some points in your life, you will eventually spend all the money and fall back to scarcity. On the other hand, if your money relationship is in abundance, it will always be in abundance. So, even if there are financial problems that result in huge losses, you will easily bounce back and return to abundance.

How you earn, spend, and manage money is a result of the nurturing you received and the conversations you had during your childhood about money. If you were community-oriented during childhood, making a lot of money may not have been in alignment with your service vision, and Rha Goddess shared the same experience during her childhood. 

“Because of my activist upbringing, … I was shaped in a particular way — so very community-minded, very family-oriented, [and] very education-oriented, but not money-oriented. … [I] was seen as being selfless, doing selfless work, doing God’s work, doing the work of the people, and money didn’t go hand in hand. … Money was seen as something to be avoided …. because it changes the color of your integrity within your effort.”  – Rha Goddess

It’s no wonder why Rha Goddess constantly struggled with money during her early years. Her childhood experiences created a scarcity mindset where the main focus was always on never having enough because having more would somehow contradict her community-minded orientation where everyone in the community deserves a fair share of the blessing.

“The reason why I held myself in a place of scarcity and in a place of poverty is because I did not want to abandon my people. And that somehow I had told myself that if I had more, then I would somehow sell out and become someone or be susceptible to behaviors that would betray the trust of the very people that I wanted to serve. … And I realized at that moment that … what I was saying to myself was that I could not be trusted with more.” – Rha Goddess

The scarcity mindset may seemingly operate positively by alerting you of potential shortages, allowing you to prioritize the urgent and important needs when resources are getting low, but most of the time, it operates negatively by focusing on what you lack and resulting in stress, struggles, and anxiety. However, there’s a healing process to get out of the scarcity mindset, and it begins with having a relationship with resources.

“What I came to discover … was … if I have more, I can do more. … I can create more. I can serve more. And not only could I be trusted, but if I was really serious about my vision, … it was mandatory that I transform my relationship with having resources.” – Rha Goddess

Since the scarcity mindset is founded on a lack of resources, the best way to deal with this mindset is to start appreciating and manifesting your resources. Fortunately, Rha Goddess has a six-step process of transforming your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

The Six-Step Transformation Process Around Your Relationship with Money 

Step #1: Awareness

You can’t change the problem until you see the issue. Before any transformation happens, you must have awareness of the root cause of the problem. And so, the radical change process should start with identifying your  scarcity mindset so you can transform it into an abundant one. You have to spend time to find out where your current behavior and choices are keeping you in fear surrounding money. 

“We take people through a six-step process that enables them to confront and see, and recognize first, what are those conversations — because it always begins with awareness.” – Rha Goddess

Step #2: Acceptance

While awareness is the first stage, it’s not enough to be aware of the existence of a problem. Some people can stay in denial mode,  not accepting the fact that a problem exists. They refuse to believe that their current money problems are the result of their previous experiences and perceptions around money. And so, they are stuck in the awareness stage. 

To start with creating something new, you should be ready to make peace with where you are, while not falling into any act of critical self-judgment or self-denial.

“The second is acceptance, and this can be a hard one because a lot of people stay stuck in just being [aware] — they think it’s enough to be aware. But the truth is that we have to tell the truth to ourselves about the fact that not only do we have it going on but that we actually have the power to shift it, [and] we have the power to change it. So whatever that issue is, whatever that experience was, it doesn’t have to be like this permanent fixture in our reality. This stain on our name, or this scar that we walk around and carry, we actually have the ability to heal it.” – Rha Goddess

Step #3: Forgiveness

How forgiving are you? To set the course for true liberation and greater financial freedom, you need to learn compassion towards yourself and others. Forgiving yourself for the situations that led to your limiting beliefs makes  all the difference between creating a life you want by design vs. living at the mercy of your circumstances.

“I take people through a four-step forgiveness ritual and process. … This is in the book that has helped them actually release those incidences, those challenges, those circumstances, [and] those situations that continue to keep us bound in this limited conversation.” – Rha Goddess

The four-step process of forgiveness starts with 1) act of sacred re-membering, 2) act of completion, 3) act of liberation, and 4) act of self-love.

In Step 1#, you have to acknowledge and take responsibility for your participation in the experience by remembering who you are. In the next step, you have to look forward instead of backward to release the feelings that still exist associated with what happened in the past. You have to be grateful for the experience to make it done and complete. 

Once you are whole and complete, you are free from your limiting behaviors and choices that kept you from being your true self. Subsequently, in the act of liberation in Step #3, you can create more space in your life for your needs, wants, and desires. In the last step, the act of self-love starts with honoring and appreciating yourself in order to set the stage for your readiness to receive the best of what life has to offer. 

Step #4: Creating a New Vision

If you cut an aggressive weed in a garden, it will grow back in the next few days. Just like that weed, every time you extract a limiting conversation, you should put something new in its place. As you replace the old limiting beliefs, a new vision should emerge as your new belief.

“When it comes to our money, once we move through the step of forgiveness, then we literally have room to create a new vision and to create a new conversation. … What is the truth for you when it comes to your money?” – Rha Goddess

Step #5: Alignment with the Right Action

Your new vision should be immediately supported by actions that are aligned with your new beliefs. These actions give life to your new decisions, providing inspiration to keep moving forward.

“That’s about what aligns with your spirit and your creativity. And you want all these different ways that you can express yourself, and you need those resources to be able to do that. And then some of us have a very big vision. Instead, we got work to do, we have lives to transform. We got things we want to change in the world.” – Rha Goddess

Step #6: Celebration 

Celebrating is an important yet mostly neglected part of any transformational process. It sets the foundation that enables you to stay motivated as you shift your money mindset. By celebrating, you are encouraged to acknowledge your efforts and pay attention to your progress, which encourages you to make more meaningful and powerful changes.

“We recognize and understand that we need massive resources because we’re trying to shift massive things in the world. … And so wherever we fall, this opportunity to just be able to come into and align with what is true for us so that we then can honor and be in and celebrate in and find our power in what is true for us and be about the business of receiving and fulfilling that.” – Rha Goddess

I just love the power of receiving. As women, I feel like we’re always giving, we’re always nurturing, and we’re always pouring in. But to be able to receive the blessings, the abundance, and the support, you must also be able to give from an abundant place because you cannot give from an empty cup. Your abundant resources will give you what you need to do just that.

Get Loved Up with Rha Goddess

This conversation with Rha Goddess was so inspiring, and I’m sure it can help transform your relationship with money towards abundance. If you have friends who are struggling with their money mindset, give them love by sharing the full episode. You could create an impact on someone’s financial life today.

Visit her website, Move The Crowd, for more resources, or if you want to book a coaching session where passion and purpose meet profits. You can also follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get some inspiration or subscribe to her YouTube channel for access to her give-minute motivational videos.

If you felt the love and motivation from Rha Goddess, tag her, @truepaidgood, and me, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of this episode and your greatest takeaways. We’d love to know your learnings from this conversation. And if you’re interested in finding your purpose and monetizing your passion, you can build a movement together with Rha Goddess by joining her The Calling Membership program.

Like Rha Goddess, I have a mission to be the change I want to see in the world, which is why I created my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training and my Wellness Entrepreneur Mastermind to empower people like you to connect with their spirituality and make an impact. If either of those programs interests you, definitely check them out.

I would like to end this episode with one last question for Rha Goddess, “If coming out of this time in quarantine, if it could be Rha’s world, what would that world look like?”

“So I have called this the sacred pause. … So this is a pause for the cause. And the cause is you must be clear — your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial well-being. … The truth is that if you can be still, and if you can listen, there is valuable information that is being disseminated for every single one of us about what is next for us in our life, and our relationships, and our health, and wellbeing, and in our money. … Our world is happier. Our world is more abundant and plentiful, and bountiful — and people really do connect to that, which is calling them. And that they emerge from this time and this space on fire about where they’re being called and where they’re being led, which is into the truest form of who they are and enter the highest form of whatever it is that they’re here to bring an offer to. So that’s my place.” – Rha Goddess

The global pandemic may have locked us into our homes, caused us to lose our jobs, or sent our businesses from profits to losses. This could be a way of the Universe sending us to a sacred pause so we can connect to our true calling. So, take advantage of this time to find out your calling in life. Whatever your calling is, I’m sure there’s always a place for love. 

Until next time, love.

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  • How Rha found her calling (4:14)
  • How Rha learned from the poverty trifecta (14:13)
  • How community and family influenced her (15:11)
  • How transforming her relationship with resources was mandatory to succeed (19:24)
  • How the four step process helps you through your relationship with money (23:51)
  • How giving and receiving abundance helps us (28:10)
  • The purpose of preserving our enthusiasm (30:11)
  • What speaking to the vision is and does (32:12)
  • How peeling away will help us to receive (39:34)
  • How healing ourselves is the best contribution we can make (45:23)

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