Podcast: EP 50 Friendship, Impact, and Building Your Empire with Tai Beauchamp

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This is a special episode. I got to sit down with the one and only Tai Beauchamp and dive into some powerful, heartfelt topics.

An internationally recognized style influencer, public speaker, media personality, and entrepreneur, Tai Beauchamp inspires women around the world to celebrate their inner and outer beauty. A publishing industry veteran, Tai has expertise in media, fashion, and beauty that has been solidified through her experience as a beauty and fashion editor at top publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, O, The Oprah Magazine, VIBE Vixen, and Seventeen —where she made history as the magazine’s youngest and first African-American Beauty and Fitness Director. Tai frequently presents on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and girl power to stylish living and 21st century philanthropy. In 2006, she launched her game-changing media company, Tai Life Media, to holistically connect style and empowerment.

In this conversation, we talk about how Tai has learned to make an impact that matters, what friendship means to her, why she’s focused on supporting other women, how to build your empire, and so much more.

  • Tai explains her why in impacting women and girls (5:13)
  • The importance of human connection in sharing herself in the world (12:14)
  • The difference between effective and ineffective influencers (14:20)
  • Why being intentional about goals is important (17:20)
  • Some tips to being abundant and financially stable while pursuing your passion (18:45)
  • How Tai has learned to invest through financial mistakes (24:35)
  • Why having friends that offer helpful advice/criticism will help you (26:31)
  • How being vulnerable helps you grow (situationships vs. relationships) (29:05)
  • What love means to Tai (35:14)
  • How return on investment affects your effort (39:13)
  • What makes a good friend (40:41)
  • How one journey applies to your journey (45:10)
  • How spirituality, growth and turn up are all important to a good partner (48:35)
  • How harmony works in imbalances in a partnership (57:10)

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