Podcast: EP 42 Leading the Rising Generation Through Yoga, Art, and Literature with Chelsea Roberts

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This is the final episode of Season 1 of the Get Loved Up podcast!! I am so grateful for everyone who has listened, supported, and shared the show in our first year. Get excited for Season 2 starting in January 2020; it’s going to be fierce.

To close out the season, I got to sit down for a soul talk with one of my yoga sisters who I love, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

She received her Ph.D. from the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University in 2014. Relying on ethnography and narrative inquiry as her primary research methods, Chelsea explores the lived experiences of individuals across multiple communities. Chelsea’s most recent research utilizes the lived experiences of Black teen yoga practitioners who use yoga and storytelling as mediums for critical literacy development. Working primarily within marginalized communities, Chelsea seeks to understand the ways in which power and privilege impact lives at the intersection of race, class, and gender.

Currently Chelsea is developing a yoga and literacy curriculum for Atlanta area youth organizations, as well as providing trainings for yoga practitioners, educators, community leaders, activists, and students interested in expanding their awareness on issues concerning marginalized youth, individuals, and communities. Chelsea conducts trainings for yoga instructors and classroom teachers at local yoga studios, community centers, and schools and continues to contribute research findings to educational journals and contemporary publications.

In this conversation, we get real about topics like how to support the rising generation of young women through yoga, how to change tokenism, social issues, and racism in the wellness community, and how to get loved up on any kind of budget. I love Chelsea and I love what she stands for.

Show notes

  • Why Chelsea mixed yoga, literature, and art to create a program for teen girls (2:10)
  • What is going on with the upcoming generation of women (3:43)
  • What losing someone close to you teaches you about life (4:55)
  • How writing can be therapeutic (9:44)
  • What it means to lean into tokenism (13:40)
  • Tips for finding confidence as a woman who stands apart in your industry (17:42)
  • What the process of writing a book is like (22:10)
  • How Chelsea gets loved up on a budget (23:55)
  • How to use yoga to counteract our society’s issues (29:32)
  • Ways to reduce harm in your everyday life (35:58)
  • Why Chelsea is working on incorporating more play into her life (38:30)

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