Podcast: EP 37 Living Compassionately, Simplifying Life, and Eating Mindfully with Victoria and Tamal Dodge

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I love the couple I sat down with to record today’s episode. Victoria and Tamal have an amazing love story, life work, and so many other beautiful creations. You can feel their calm, mindful spirit when you are around them.

Tamal is an internationally celebrated yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Salt, one of Los Angeles’s most popular yoga centers that has spread its roots across America to the east coast.

Victoria is an acclaimed photographer with many published books and she is a chef that is filled with vigor to share and empower individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle through food, meditation, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Together they have raised to two beautiful children (Savannah and Kanai) and have their first cook book “The Yoga Plate” that hit book stores September of 2019. As a family they look to encourage and nourish the world with new recipes, ancient ideas, powerful tools, and a positive outlook.

In this conversation, I got to ask them about their relationship, their work, their spirituality, and why a non-violent lifestyle has become so important to them.

Show notes

  • How Tamal and Victoria overcame prejudices against their relationship (4:23)
  • How ahimsa (non-violence) can motivate a vegetarian diet (8:30)
  • What it was like  for Tamal to grow up in an ashram and acclimate to the rest of the world  (16:06)
  • A basic explanation of the yoga sutras (22:50)
  • When it’s important to speak the truth and be direct (25:38)
  • The yogic stages to a relationship (29:36)
  • What tolerance looks like (31:49)
  • What real happiness feels like (37:40)
  • What prompted Victoria and Tamal to move and create a simpler life (40:10)
  • Relationship advice for longevity (46:08)
  • How Tamal and Victoria get loved up (51:40)

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