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Many of us have desires to do more, be more, and give more to help this world be a better place and fulfill our purpose while we’re here. The term ‘manifesting’ has become a trending topic on social media within recent years, but what does it really mean to manifest the life of your dreams? Today we will be exploring what tools, mindsets, and resources you can incorporate to help you thrive in manifesting the life you desire.

I have created a brand based on spirituality and empowering women to thrive by tapping into their highest selves, but it didn’t happen overnight. There was immense manifestation work being done on my end that determined how I would show up in the world, for myself, those I love, and to serve my community.


Unfortunately, our outside world sometimes makes us believe and feel we are meant to be stuck in a box, or as some call it ”the matrix”; and we have to follow a certain set of rules or mindset. If this does not serve you, know that you have the power to change anything within your outside world, and believe in abundance for yourself. Due to many factors, our environments, and sometimes generational traumas and beliefs that don’t belong to us, we lose this abundant mentality along this journey of life.


While reading this blog, you may find yourself assessing areas in your life that you are ready to change, alter, and ultimately level up. All you have to do is make the conscious decision to fight against your thoughts or belief systems, which in most cases means going against all that you’ve known, and stick to your plan to become the master creator of your life. I ask that you assess with grace, and understand you are not alone in this journey.

Identify Any Limiting Beliefs- 

Identifying any limiting beliefs can be a bit sticky when you begin to access and look at your life presently. This process is a prerequisite of manifesting that allows you to listen to your authentic self and hold yourself accountable.


Is it that you stop something right before bringing it to life because you fear your concept won’t be received? Or is it that you’ve not seen anyone in your surroundings be successful so you’re unsure what that looks like?


Limiting beliefs could be something as simple as not applying yourself to your fullest potential, when you know you have a gift that could change your life and the world around you. Whatever it is, become comfortable with what’s getting in your way so you know how to work around the barriers when they arise. Don’t be the reason you stop yourself from being great! This journey will take tenacity, consistency, and determination.


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Become Clear On What You Want-

Before beginning your manifestation journey, it is imperative to become clear on what you want. The universe responds to your asks, so you don’t want to send mixed signals. You can’t say ”I want to become wealthy” and live your life in a state of lack and scarcity. It is about aligning what you say you want with what you’re doing. Words are power. Through our thoughts and words we can create the life we want to live.


To become clear on what you want and desire, you can create a list of the life you hope to have. While making this list, think of every aspect in your life: what you want to look like, the career you want to have, your values, where you want to live, what your partner and/or family is like, how often you spend time with your friends, what you do in your leisure time, and even what you’re eating that makes you feel good. The more clear you are on designing your life, the easier it will be for you to visualize it, thus taking it from your subconscious mind into your physical reality.


The best thing about this exercise is you don’t have to limit yourself. See yourself in your fullest capacity without money stories, rules, restrictions, or any other limiting beliefs you may have being a factor. You can be anything! You were placed here at this time, in this world, not by coincidence but to live your very best life.


When you create your list, make it fun! Use whatever color pens, pencils, or markers that speak to you, but the point is to look at it every day. The more you condition yourself to look at your list, interact with it, say the words out loud, feel it, believe it, the more likely it is to manifest to your reality.


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Vision Board-

After you have your list done and have built your blueprint of the life you desire, a helpful tool to have is something to visualize it. You can visualize in several different ways, whatever is suitable for your lifestyle and preferences, but the power of visualization helps to bring your outline to life. Think of it as giving your subconscious mind a movie to create.


Some people prefer to visualize by sitting in silence and letting their mind create the images that they come up with. In this version it can be helpful to think of a person you admire or that has a lifestyle that you want to mirror and visualizing yourself in images reflective of that. Should this be a method you prefer, be sure to not have any thoughts that don’t make you feel good about yourself. We were all created by the same source, thus we all have the same amazing make-up inside of us that helps us manifest the lifestyle we want.


Another way to manifest, one of my favorites, is to create a vision board. Again, this doesn’t have to be a mundane task. You can dream up anything, as everything you want is already accessible to you. You just have to align your values, beliefs, and mindset to transform your inside mentality into your outside world. A vision board can also be done in many ways. You can create it on a poster board, cutting out magazines with words and images that help you visualize the life you want to create. This can be a fun activity that helps you explore your creative side, have a productive task, and express yourself.


You can also create your vision board on Pinterest. Personally, I prefer this way because you have a digital copy of the life you want to create that you can take with you all the time. Should you go this route, I would recommend looking at it twice a day if possible; once to begin your day and once to bring it to a close. Having a digital copy also allows you to have it accessible in the times you’re in need of motivation or a reminder of why you’re on the path you’re taking.


How to Make a Vision Board for 2023 | The Everymom


Gratitude And Universal Love-

While manifesting the life you desire, you will need to work with what you have in the moment and find gratitude for the present. There is always something to be grateful for or ways you can make someone’s day simply by being nice.


I like to begin my day with my gratitude list, acknowledging three to five people, things, and experiences I’m grateful for. When you show gratitude for what you have, you’re opening doors for the universe to align you with the right people and experiences to bring you more abundance.


Gratitude is beautiful because you can be grateful for anything. We can be grateful for the food we eat, those who we spend time with, what we have, and what we will receive. By doing so, you’re deepening your relationship with the life you want to have and letting the universe know you’re grateful that it is healthy and meant for you.


Universal love is the concept that you are loved everywhere and that love you have will be returned back to you. You can show love to those you don’t know by being kind, paying it forward, or even offering a smile. Universal love reminds us we aren’t separate from anyone and we are in this together. Showing universal love also applies to yourself. Love yourself deeply and a little extra when you need to because it starts within. Also, notice when you’re loving what you’re doing so that you can do more of that! Gratitude and universal love go hand in hand. Feel free to use them without bounds. 


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Set aside time to be with yourself-

When you allow yourself to take time out of your day to sit in silence and meditate, do yoga, engage in a mindfulness practice, journal, or whatever your sweet spot is, it opens yourself to understanding what’s possible. These practices allow you to quiet any chatter and eliminate distractions to achieve what you’re after. Manifesting is about balance. You can’t be constantly moving towards your dream life without taking time for reflection and celebrating your milestones and accomplishments big or small along the way. We live in a time where everything is nonstop; and while there will always be a to-do list, prioritize sitting in silence and taking time for yourself. 


Get yourself comfortable with feeling like everything you want has already happened for you. Don’t take any less than that. Oftentimes this takes some pretending, dreaming, and using your imagination to find out what that looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes like. Believe it with no limitations and feel that it is possible for you no matter if you don’t see something happening immediately. Keep conditioning yourself to be prepared and ready when your blessing begins to happen for you. 


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Connect with someone or something bigger than you- 

We have to become comfortable with understanding there is something or someone higher than us that has brought us all here and created everything around us in this beautiful world. Whether this is the God you serve, the God or Goddess within you, nature, the universe, Source Energy, the sun, or moon, taking time for your spirituality is crucial.


With manifesting the life you want, there will be times of uncertainty and just as we touched on believing that something will happen, it is good to have faith. Having faith allows you to connect with your Higher Power, because you are in alignment with listening to what your plan is on this Earth and you know that everything will happen when you ask for it, believe it is already yours, and have faith in the process. Having faith doesn’t mean you will know how it will happen, only that it will. Both believing and having faith take discipline and patience. In my experience, I feel the universe is taking note of what you do while working towards what you want. It covers everything, from the thoughts you have, your reactions, and how you celebrate others when they appear to have everything working out for them, some of which you may want for yourself.


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Personal Growth- 

Focus on personal growth and development to work towards manifesting the life you want. We have to meet our Higher Power halfway. We can ask, believe, and have faith but we also have to make the right moves to develop our personal growth that shows we are ready and positioning ourselves to elevate. Sometimes, the journey towards your desired life teaches you important lessons that contribute to your ultimate success.


There are several areas you will need to access when reviewing your personal growth.


Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs, and emotions is fundamental to personal growth.


Regular self-reflection helps you make informed decisions and align your actions with your authentic self. With personal growth, there will be endless opportunities for continuous learning. Stay curious and indulge in reading books, taking courses, having experiences, and connecting with a community that is on a similar path to yours.


Time management is another pillar to personal growth. This can be done by simply writing a to-do list and prioritizing your lists from most important to least important and then designating the amount of time you want to spend on each project. A helpful note would be knowing how you work best and doing things in a way you know you will achieve results and show up for yourself.


A skill you will need to develop is emotional intelligence. Developing emotional intelligence involves recognizing, understanding, and managing your own emotions and those of others. It enhances your communication skills, relationships, and decision-making abilities.


Cultivate positive habits that contribute to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and stress management techniques are essential. Practice resilience and the ability to be versatile when things don’t go your way; this allows you to always bounce back.


To further develop your personal growth, learn networking skills. Be able to see yourself in every room and act as though you belong there. This has to deal with being able to step outside of your comfort zone and taking calculated risks. When you push yourself, you elevate to areas you may not have known you could reach. 


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Ultimately, manifesting your dream life involves you not being the reason that you limit yourself. You go after whatever you want and dream up the best life you see for yourself that is healthy and meant for you. 


Happy manifesting, and so it is.



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