How to Overcome Obstacles and Stay Motivated While Building Healthy Habits

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Your Year Is Off to a Great Start

I want to say thank you to all of those who started the year off with me in the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge.

I created this challenge for those who needed a little kickstart to get moving again and start learning how to prioritize their health + shift towards healthier habits in the year ahead.

If you didn’t get a chance to join me on this 10-day challenge when it kicked off on January 10th, it doesn’t mean you can’t build those healthy habits to enhance your holistic wellness this new year.

You can learn more about the challenge here, join anytime and choose to commit to living your life refreshed, vibrant, and energized.

How to Overcome Obstacles and Stay Motivated While Building Healthy Habits 

Since the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge is coming to a close, tell me in the comments, how has your experience been?

Now that you’ve completed the challenge let me leave you with some go-to tips to help you stay consistent and motivated in building those healthy habits while avoiding distractions and overcoming obstacles in achieving your goals.

When we fall short (and we all do) of the expectations we’ve set for ourselves, we must realize that it’s normal human behavior and nothing to be ashamed of. Our best looks different every day. There’s always a new day that gives us another chance to begin again.

So to help you continue to put your best foot forward, I’m breaking down six common obstacles you may have encountered while taking the challenge, as well as what tips can best serve you in overcoming them:

Common Obstacle 1: You’re taking in the information but not taking any action.
How to Overcome It: Face the fear of failure.

You read the emails and opened the guide. Great! You have the interest and the intention of cultivating the concepts to integrate those healthy habits, but something’s holding you back. Most likely, the fear that if you start the challenge, you may fail at succeeding. Counteract this fear by focusing on only one action or step at a time that you can take and take your time doing it.

Common Obstacle 2: You feel overwhelmed by the overload of information.
How to Overcome It: Go at your own pace.

Honestly, ten days is not enough time to teach all there is to know about health, fitness, and self-love. However, with the 10-day challenge, you’re off to a great start and well on your way. This challenge aims to be a consistent practice to get you going daily. There’s no pressure to consume all of the material in one week and a half. I recommend you read the guidebook, select the sections that appeal to you and focus on those things. You don’t necessarily even have to follow the guidebook exactly. The order doesn’t matter, nor does how long you take as long as you start and keep going.

Common Obstacle 3: You do not see immediate results.
How to Overcome It: Give yourself more time to see the results.

When you’re excited to reach your goal and eager for the results you wish to see, it’s completely normal to want to give up. By any means, do not give up. Ten days is not enough to transform, but it is powerful enough to begin. What’s important to understand is that physical results are not the most important. The energy you receive and how you feel afterward is what matters. The better the feeling, the more likely you’ll continue to work towards your goals. The true 360 results for your mind, body, spirit come from consistent action, which will only happen long-term. So practice patience and don’t let time discourage you.

Common Obstacle 4: You’re too busy to dedicate the time.
How to Overcome It: Make yourself and your time a priority.

Not having time is a common obstacle. All of us are busy women trying to balance work, life, family, and all the things. Put yourself at the top of your list. Make time to dedicate yourself to the goals you want to achieve. Even blocking out ten minutes in between tasks is better than nothing. That’s enough time for a quick visualization or workout routine. Wake up a little earlier. Take advantage of any downtime or gaps of time where nobody is demanding anything of you.

Common Obstacle 5: You are too tired and don’t have the energy.
How to Overcome It: Do less demanding activities and rest.

Rest is a part of your practice, and it’s as productive as the actual physical activities. When you’re feeling low on energy, shift to the sections that require less energy, like journaling. Then when you’re well-rested, try your hand in implementing some of my nutrition tips. These tips will prepare your body, and lastly, do one workout exercise. Once these practices become more of a habit, they’ll do the exact opposite and energize you to keep ongoing.

Common Obstacle 6: You feel alone.
How to Overcome It: Seek support from your community

There’s strength in numbers! The truth is accountability is always what makes achieving our goals more accessible. Share the challenge with a friend and report your progress daily by text messages or voice notes. If you’re looking to be part of something bigger, I suggest checking out my Get Loved Up Membership. It’s an online community of health seekers and wellness enthusiasts who help each other overcome these obstacles and motivate one another. Motivate and be motivated in the Get Loved Up Membership, a global community of women just like you also on their journey to optimal health & wellness.

Stay Motivated with the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge & Mel Robbins’ High 5 Habit

The Get Loved Up 10-day online challenge is for anyone who wants to thrive in their personal practice. You can participate in this challenge anytime and as many times as you like when you need a little kickstart to get moving again and start building better habits.

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In what ways do you like to motivate yourself and others?

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