The Get Loved Up 2022 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge

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Wellness visionary & inspirational speaker, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, & Founder of The Get Loved Up Community. My core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness & eco-friendly living.

Hi, I'm Koya

Happy January 2022!!

This time of year means reflection + manifestation. Looking back on all accomplishments with a year-end review and looking forward to a new beginning, a fresh start. To set yourself up for optimal health and wellness and create those healthy habits that will make you glow up for 2022.

The start of the new year is the best opportunity to begin making new healthier changes and implement new healthier habits that will help you feel better and step into your highest self. So I challenge you: MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOU.

How are you going to achieve your wellness goals this year?

With the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge!

What is the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self–Love Challenge

This 10-day challenge is to help you reach the next level of your wellness journey. To help you get consistent again, to help you heal, and overcome the struggle with motivation. 

According to Atlanta holistic medicine, “on average it takes around 66 days to change a habit. This is why when it comes to integrating new health, fitness, and wellness goals starting at the start of the year is best, as you have more time to build it into your lifestyle for the year.

In the challenge, there are guided meditation practices, nutrition guides, fitness workouts & yoga flows to optimize your physical body, and teachings on becoming a thriving business owner; complete inside an ebook with all you need to succeed. 

The challenge starts Monday, January 10th. Every day during the ten days, you will receive an email outlining a key theme, takeaway, or exercise to focus on to keep you consistent. You can then use the ebook for further reference on the chosen topic.

Why You Should Join the Get Loved Up 10-Day Challenge

According to a recent survey of 4,000 people by Sundried, 43% of people expect to give up their new year’s resolution after just one month. That’s why I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Starting January 10th, I’m inviting you to start the year strong and motivated with my 10-day health, fitness, and self-love challenge to start taking action towards your healthy lifestyle goals for 2022.

Reasons to Join the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge

There are many reasons you should join this 10-day challenge, all of which are sure to move you forward feeling motivated to keep going for the rest of the year and beyond.

Gaining clarity on your goals to have a clearer direction is one of the first sections of the challenge, as we believe it’s critical to provide you with a space to reflect on your goals and create realistic expectations for yourself. I guide you through my unique 4-step goal-setting process to identify your intentions, priorities, and actions that will get you closer to achieving those goals.

One of the major components of our challenge is building self-love habits to encourage you to show up and discover your best self. We provide a space to reflect on the vision you seek to create for yourself through affirmations and visualization exercises.

With so many quick fixes, superficial tools, and an overwhelming amount of wellness information out there, it’s hard to know what is best for you and your needs. The challenge guide contains simplified and reliable information that I researched and applied during my years as a wellness coach. In the guide, I share some key healing facts from one of my favorite sources, Anthony William of the Medical Medium

This challenge aims to introduce you to not just one wellness concept but also share with you a holistic perspective to optimize your overall health. Each pillar we have integrated into the challenge has a specific purpose: think fitness for your physical health and self-love for your mental and spiritual health. Additionally, we seek to share quick and easy wellness exercises and simple ideas for you to build long-term habits for lasting results because that is where the actual change and consistency for a holistic, healthy lifestyle will be. 

Stay motivated to finally achieve the healthy lifestyle results you desire. Through daily emails, we seek to simplify the information for you even more. This is to keep you focused on one key theme at a time. Each email intentionally prepares you to make those healthy and effective changes for yourself.

In establishing healthy eating habits, learn how to structure your meals by integrating more plant-based eating habits. I am providing you with my unique Get Loved Up meal plan to best prep your meals with several options. This is so you can prepare what best fits you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also go over the benefits of fats, carbs, and proteins to help you be more intentional about your meal choices. 

According to Psychology Today’s research into habit formation, physical activity increases the chances of a habit sticking long term. Creating an exercise routine that works for you is crucial for building healthier habits. This is why I dedicate a whole section to helping you stay motivated for your workouts. I also include my unique daily 100s routine, so you can have clarity on where to begin.

During the challenge, I teach and share a wide variety of wellness techniques to benefit your mind, body, and spirit. Learn wellness techniques such as affirmations, visualization, goal-setting, creating your exercise schedule, journaling, healing, and cleansing. I intend to share many of these techniques with you to find the most influential and suitable for your lifestyle. 

I encourage you to record your experience and document your progress throughout the challenge. This practice will help you create even more intention behind your habits. It will keep you motivated by identifying what new habits are working to improve your health.

Start 2022 with the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge 

I created this challenge to build those healthy self-care habits to enhance your holistic wellness this new year. To show you the power within you to stay consistent and show up for yourself. To reach that next level in your wellness journey, and heal as you overcome the struggle with motivation.

This challenge is for you if you… 

  • Need a little kickstart to get moving again, start eating better, and thrive in your spiritual practice
  • Want to learn how to prioritize your health + shift towards healthier habits in the year ahead

You can expect this challenge to…

  • Give you better clarity on the wellness habits you’re seeking to implement
  • Encourage you to take action in making those healthier changes
  • Teach you new techniques + exercises to reinforce your daily wellbeing

Are you in?

Join my 10-day challenge and choose to commit to starting the new year refreshed, vibrant, and energized. For accountability and to cheer you on, tag @koyawebb and @getlovedup, and we’ll repost you. 

But before you do… Check-in with YOU with the Get Loved Up Year-End Review. It’s important to check in with ourselves before going into another year. Especially after the last two challenging years we’ve had.

After taking the Year-End Review, join me for my Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge kicking off on January 10th. 

Here’s to a Happy Healthy New Year!

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