5 Steps to Setting New Intentions for the New Year

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To help you start on the right path towards the goals you want to achieve in 2022, let’s focus on how to create and set new intentions for the new year.

I like to set new year intentions versus resolutions as it acts as my guiding philosophy on how I want to live.

What is an intention?

The sages in India believe our intentions govern our destiny, will, and deepest desires. During a yoga or meditation class, the invitation to “set your intention” often comes up at the start of the practice but not with much explanation.

What can an intention be?

An intention can be…

  • Your guiding principle
  • The starting point of a dream
  • Your inner driving force to achieve your purpose and how you want to show up in the world
  • How you connect your thoughts and attitude with your values and goals
  • What you’re seeking to attract in different areas of life
  • A seed for how to start creating your reality in the universe
  • A divine download or impulse of consciousness
  • A tangible desire or word symbolizing what you’d like to align yourself with
  • Your north star for when you’re looking for a sense of direction
  • A way to best focus your energy

But how can you create your intention to set you on the right path towards your goals?

How to Set a New Intention for the New Year

To set a new intention, consider your goals, values, desires, and dreams in the different areas of your life. But most importantly, when setting your new intention, consider WHO you want to BE in 2022. Here’s how you can set your new year intention in five steps:

1. Bring consciousness to your mind, becoming aware of your intuition by clearly defining the intention concerning your body, mind, and spirit.

2. Write down where you’re currently lacking in your life. Include areas that need improvement and what you want to attract more of in each area.

3. Think of positive words and phrases that raise your vibration and represent forward-moving shifts and abundance towards the areas in your life you want to elevate. These can start with “I will” along with words such as “be loving,” “be grounded,” “be strong,”  “be successful,” depending on what you’re trying to work on.

Here is an example of the intentions using my F.I.E.R.C.E. acronym…

      • Fit: I will practice daily rituals for mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.
      • Intentional: I will be intentional with expressing myself in the world.
      • Engaged: I will engage in conversations that make me feel uncomfortable because they uncover deep-seated fears within myself and humanity.
      • Resourceful: I will use the resources provided to me to educate myself and my community.
      • Conscious: I will live in alignment with love and be mindful of how my life impacts the world around me.
      • Empowered: I will use my power and platform to promote positive change in the world.

You can create your own intentions to go with each keyword in F.I.E.R.C.E. Let your soul express itself as you free-write your intentions for the new year.

4. Release your intention to the universe through non-attachment by trusting and letting go of the outcome.

5. Hold yourself accountable for each intention you keep by checking in weekly and reinforcing it daily through gratitude. You can do this by creating sticky note reminders, repeating the intention in your mind during meditation, or doing weekly audits rating from 1-10 how far you’ve come in living up to your intentions.

Set Your Intentions for the New Year with the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge

Now that we’re in a whole new year, when you look back, I hope you realized all of the dreams you set out for yourself in January of 2021. If not, there’s always this year!

It’s a new year, YOUR year to stand out and share your unique gifts and talents with the world.

I invite you to reflect on what you are proud of accomplishing in 2021 and think about how you plan to set yourself up for optimal health in 2022 by taking my Get Loved Up Year-End Review.

After taking the Year-End Review, join me for my Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self-Love Challenge kicking off January 10th.

In the challenge, we’re going to:

  • Set your goals for 2022
  • Visualize your ideal lifestyle & health
  • Learn how to avoid distractions
  • Discover ways to become consistent & balance your daily choices
  • Practice simple ways for starting or exceling on your journey
  • Set up a simple nutrition + fitness plan
  • Complete them together as a community

Find out more about the Get Loved Up 10-Day Challenge and why you should join here.

Click here to get your Year-End Review and join me for the Get Loved Up 10-Day Health, Fitness & Self- Love Challenge on January 10th.

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