Episode #98: Becoming Spiritually Fly with Faith Hunter

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“Be divine and unapologetic.”

– Faith Hunter

Meet Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is a yoga and meditation teacher, as well as the creator of Spiritually Fly, a lifestyle philosophy that celebrates every moment of life. A teacher of over 20 years, Hunter has owned celebrated yoga studios in DC, and now she has ELEVATE, a digital and in-person experience for inner connection and personal growth. One of the most recognizable faces in yoga, Hunter has appeared in Yoga Journal, Essence, Women’s Health, Shape, and New York magazine.

In This Episode

In this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast, Koya Webb talks to Faith Hunter, a globally recognized thought leader, yoga and meditation teacher, author, and SheEO. Faith has spent her life working on big causes that have affected her and those she loved dearly, both as a nonprofit worker and yoga instructor. Faith talks about the trauma caused by the death of her brother due to complications related to HIV-AIDS, and how she was able to process it through therapy, meditation, and yoga. She also talks about her experience as an entrepreneur when she founded two yoga studios in DC. Now she’s passionate about ELEVATE, a digital and in-person experience that focuses on inner connection and personal growth. Earlier this year, Faith released her book Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditations, and Yoga to Elevate Your Soul, a real-world guide to feeling more worthy, vibrant, and alive.

“Going through the yoga, I really felt that that practice was holding my physical and mental body together.” – Faith Hunter

Get Loved Up with Faith

I hope you find an incredible amount of hope, inspiration and value, as I did, in what Faith shares with us in this episode. If so, please tag @spirituallyfly, and I, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your favorite takeaways. Hearing about what you’ve learned from us, and what your favorite moments were, inspires us to continue making a positive impact in this world. 

Until next time, love yourself, love others, and love the world. One day at a time, one breath at a time. 

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  • 04:33 – From Nonprofit Worker to Yoga Teacher
  • 06:11 –  Taking the Time to Heal from Grief
  • 16:33 – Setting Boundaries
  • 23:09 – Childhood Reprogramming
  • 32:27 – 7 Building Blocks to Becoming Spiritually Fly
  • 35:51 – Creating Safe Spaces for POC
  • 38:37 – Nurturing Yourself First
  • 44:11 – Re-awakening Spirituality

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