Podcast: EP 30 Afro Vegan Beauty and Skincare Tips from Makeup Artist Kaori Nik

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If you love clean, vegan, high quality beauty and skincare products, this episode is a gold mine for you. My friend Kaori Nik is an incredible makeup artist and founder of Afro Beauty Magazine who became vegan 3 years ago and is making huge waves in the clean beauty world.

International artist, Kaori Nik, has been a licensed cosmetologist in the beauty industry for over 10 years.  A multi-faceted artist with a background in the visual arts, Kaori evolved into makeup artistry naturally and has continued to develop her skills expanding into beauty/special effects makeup, hair styling, photography and art direction. 

Most recently Kaori has gained a substantial celebrity clientele with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Lisa Raye, Bridgid Coulter, Sharlene Taule, and Keri Hilson to name a few.  She has also worked on shows including The Grammys, The MTV Video Music Awards, The NAACP Image Awards, The Oscars and New York Fashion Week.  Her work has been featured in nationwide commercials, blogs, and publications such as: Goddess Magazine, Seventeen, Teen Prom, and Glam Rock Magazine. 

Kaori gives some amazing tips for products that are vegan, cruelty-free, high-quality, and owned by black women. Be sure to check out the show notes for links to all the gems she shares!

Show Notes

  • Why Kaori’s skincare prompted her to become vegan (1:55)
  • Iron-rich foods to incorporate in your diet (3:23)
  • How the afro vegan beauty initiatives are evolving (6:08)
  • Kaori’s top 5 beauty brands (7:10)
  • Kaori’s daily skincare beauty tips (10:01)
  • How Kaori gets loved up (11:50)
  • How to address eating with your family after becoming vegan (14:39)

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