Podcast: EP 29 The Why and How of Cultivating a Vegan Lifestyle with Jessica Schoech

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Veganism is not a diet. It’s a part of a diet.

If you’ve been vegan-curious and wondering how and why people start changing their diet and lifestyle, this episode is just for you. I am lucky enough to live in the LA area, which means I get to try the best vegan food all the time. Today’s guest is the founder of the Vegan Street Fair, one of my favorite food festivals, and she has so much wisdom to share about food.

Jessica is the creator of the annual events in Los Angeles, the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles and the Vegan Street Fair LA Nights. She has revolutionized the vegan festival scene to help create a more inclusive experience, emphasizing the joy, sense of celebration and deliciousness of veganism.

In this conversation, we talk about what inspired Jessica’s conversion to a vegan lifestyle and how she has incorporated this into her family and work.

Show Notes

  • Where the idea of Vegan Street Fair came from (2:03)
  • Why it’s important not to make people wrong for their choices (3:49)
  • The biggest reason people are converting to a vegan lifestyle (11:01)
  • Why people are getting excited about a vegan street fair (14:20)
  • How to bring veganism into your family and relationships (16:29)
  • Ways to add more vegan food to your plate (23:15)
  • How to find community with vegans no matter where you live (25:18)
  • How to think through the cognitive dissonance of eating some animals and not others (29:11)
  • How Jessica gets loved up (34:19)

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