Podcast: EP 31 Revitalizing Our Land and Co-Existing with Animals with Ryland Englehart

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I have been a huge fan of today’s guest and his amazing plant-based restaurants for years. I love Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre in LA, but I love Ryland, their founder, for many reasons.

I wanted to invite him on the show to talk about all the work and research he is doing around sustainable, regenerative farming. I know Ryland loves the planet as much as I do, so as we dove into his evolving viewpoints on animals, food, farming, and restoring the Earth, I really listened.

I hope this conversation sheds new light for you on the state of our planet and how we can help save it by how we eat, farm, live, and love.

If we don’t have a reciprocity relationship with the planet, we will consume ourselves out of house and home.

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Show notes

  • Why gratitude is so powerful (3:49)
  • Why Ryland chose LA as a place to start healing people through restaurants (9:30)
  • Why Ryland runs plant-based restaurants but now consumes some animal products (13:11)
  • The idea of interbeing and why it’s needed to regenerate our land (26:38)
  • The possibilities and limitations of eco-systems being develped without animals (34:37)
  • Ryland’s new Kiss the Ground initiative that can reverse the damage we have done to our planet (57:20)
  • Tips for creating a compassionate personal relationship as a busy entrepreneur (1:05:10)

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