11 Immunity Boosting Practices To Raise Your Vibration During Tough Times

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When’s the last time you danced?

Even if you have no rhythm. Even if you think you look awkward. Even if you don’t know the song. When’s the last time you got up, let go and shook your tailfeather a bit?

No, I am not telling you to find the nearest dance club (hopefully those are all shut down by now) – but I am here to remind you of what else you can be doing during these trying times to raise your vibration. You see, despite the fear, panic, and overwhelming heaviness in the world right now, I want to encourage you to ground down with mental, spiritual and physical practices to raise your vibration. Including dancing.

While there has been a lot of talk about handwashing and social distancing – both of which are exceedingly important – what we shouldn’t forget is that stress itself can compromise our immune system. That is, stress can make us more susceptible to infections.

That’s why I’m sharing 11 immunity-boosting practices that you can start implementing TODAY to raise your vibration; to make you less stressed; to raise your consciousness amid the heaviness.

    1. Sleep: The CDC recommends that adults get 7 or more hours of sleep. Quality sleep not only allows your body to process important information and enable your body to strengthen and repair itself, but it can also boost your mood. Studies have shown that individuals who are sleep deprived report an increase in negative moods, such as anger, frustration, irritability, and sadness.
    2. Yoga Practices: As I’ve often expressed, the benefits of yoga are extensive. Not only will establishing a practice of meditation, yoga, and breathwork add some routine and order in a chaotic time, but these practices will also be key pillars to relieving stress. I suggest daily meditation to center your thoughts; weekly yoga to get into your body and out of your mind; and breathwork to clear negative energy and help you process repressed emotions. These resources are all available via our Get Loved Up membership which is only one dollar to explore.
    3. Hydrate: Dehydration can alter your mood, cause headaches and make your body feel fatigued. So particularly during this time, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating eight or more servings of hydrating fruits and vegetables.
    4. Herbs and Supplements: When your diet is not balanced with rich nutrients, it doesn’t have the opportunity to perform at its optimal level. Make sure you’re adding in herbs and supplements to give you energy, increase your immunity and get the nutrients your body needs to fight infection. I recommend the Get Loved Up Full Spectrum Herbs, Get Loved Up protein powder, oil of oregano, Vitamin C, sea moss, probiotics, lycopene, zinc, and multivitamins. Brands that I use outside of Get Loved Up products can be found in my Amazon store.
    5. Plant-Based Foods: As a vegan for 15 years, I can tell you that a plant-based diet has changed my life and the lives of many people I know. And if you ask me, there is no better time than a quarantine, aka “staycation,” to give it a go. Not only will a plant-based diet improve your health, but it’ll also help reduce your carbon footprint! So go ahead and add these items to your cart next time you’re checking to see if toilet paper is back in stock: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, superfoods, garlic, and elderberry.
    6. Essential Oils: Essential oils are a must during chaotic times. These oils, extracted from plants, can help with everything from reducing stress and anxiety to helping with scarring and supporting your immune system. I recommend clove (kills bacteria), frankincense (clears nasal passages), lemon (calming), oregano (supports healthy digestion and respiratory function), and tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial).
    7. Healing Frequencies: Listening to healing frequencies has helped me cope with stress. There are several benefits linked to listening to Solfeggio frequencies. Some people feel a positive effect after listening to the frequencies for the first time while others feel more of a benefit over an extended period of listening. It is recommended to listen to the frequency for at least three 15-minute sessions per week. In the experience of frequency users, the best long-term effect is to listen to the frequency for at least 4 to 6 weeks daily. I also love listening to binaural beats. Binaural beats in the alpha frequencies (8 to 13 Hz) encourage relaxation, promote positivity, and decrease anxiety. Binaural beats in the lower beta frequencies (14 to 30 Hz) have been linked to increased concentration and alertness, problem-solving, and improved memory. Use both of these healing frequencies to enter a meditative state and lift your mood. I used one of my favorite frequencies for improving colds and viruses in my YouTube Video here.
    8. Hydrogen peroxide therapy: I’ve been taking hydrogen peroxide baths and am loving it! More info on why I’ve added oxygen therapy to my self-care regimen and household cleaning can be found here.
    9. Hot and cold showers: While most of us love a hot shower, I recommend introducing hot and cold showers into your routine as well. Hot showers relax the muscles and nerves, leading to the relaxation of the entire body. This will help relieve any muscle pain and also help your body release harmful toxins. Cold showers are linked to increased blood circulation, boosting your immune system and helping wake you up, along with giving your hair and skin a healthy glow. Put them together and you have a match made in heaven.
    10. Daily rituals: Establishing a morning routine helps set your tone for the day. And in this period of heightened emotions, you’ll find that these routines help ground you. I suggest adding in daily journaling into your routine. Ask yourself questions such as how is this a global awakening? What is my plan for the future? How can I evolve during this time? Do I trust that the universe is supporting me?
    11. Movement: Remember my first question at the start of this article? Well, that’s because I truly believe there is such power and beauty in movement. Dance, yoga, Zumba, or anything else that helps you get out of your head and into your physical body. Movement has been shown to alleviate and reduce depressive symptoms. So tonight, put on some tunes and start moving! Here is a link to our Get Loved Up membership that includes rituals, reflections, and resources to get through this time of uncertainty


I think it’s fair to say that what we’re going through now is vastly different than anything any of us have ever experienced before. Therefore, all of the emotions you’re feeling alongside this new normal are valid. What I hope is that you incorporate a few or all of these 11 immunity rituals to help you shift into a more positive space, reduce stress and boost your mood. And remember, we’re in this together.

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