What’s your favorite smoothie blend?


Rather than apple, I would say a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. It is the best way to mix vitamins, nutrients and deliciousness all in one glass. If you want to add your touch to it, turn it into a smoothie bowl and make it pretty! Decorating your food and making it something appealing will help you start adding this goodness to your daily routine.

You can have them for breakfast, snack or meal replacement, the options are truly endless. My recommendation is that you use a mix of fruits, superfoods and protein to have everything that a whole meal requires.

Smoothies are the best way to give you a health injection when you don’t have time to eat properly for example. They help you stay focused, have the fruits and vegetables you would consume in a day all at once and keep you energized, what more can you ask for?

I personally like to drink green smoothies in the morning to get an extra kick of energy to start the day with a blast! Trust me, it’s better and much more effective than coffee!

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