Podcast: EP 18 When You Need to Quit Your Job and Find a New Career with Ashley Stahl

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I was blown away when I heard the story of Ashley Stahl, counter-terrorism professional turned career coach. I mean, how often do you hear that kind of career transition? But as I got to know her, I learned so much more about how relatable Ashley’s story is, and why I think we can all relate to the choices she has made.

Ashley is a career coach who helps job seekers via online programs and one-on-one coaching in finding their purpose, landing more job offers and launching their dream businesses. She also founded CAKE Publishing, a ghostwriting, copywriting and publicity house to help influencers and companies create content (articles, blogs, email sequences) that inspires their customers.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, she was an award-winning counterterrorism professional who helped government officials prepare for the frontline of the war on terror. She has helped more than 5,000 job seekers in 31 countries in landing a new job they love.

In this conversation, we not only talk about how possible it is for anyone to start a new career at any time, but we also talk about the spiritual journey of ups and downs that many of us need to walk as we find our purpose. I know you’re going to be as inspired as I was as you listen to Ashley’s story.

Show Notes

  • The difference between an interest and a calling (2:16)
  • Why we are always reacting to history (4:48)
  • How to process and release something heavy that happens to someone else (10:02)
  • What a “you turn” is (12:00)
  • Why getting used to rejection is helpful (16:43)
  • What happens when you follow what you’re meant to do (20:32)
  • 3 ways to tap into your intuition (21:13)
  • How attachment and denial cost you money (25:02)
  • Ashley’s advice for knowing if your relationship is right for you (33:01)
  • What Ashley would say to her 16 year old self (38:05)
  • How Ashley gets loved up (39:58)

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