Practices to Create Your Future

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Wellness visionary & inspirational speaker, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, & Founder of The Get Loved Up Community. My core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness & eco-friendly living.

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We’ve had things happen to us in the past that makes us wish we can go back and change them. Unfortunately we can’t do that, but, there is some good news: we have everything in us to create our future.

It is so easy to let our past mistakes define us, but there is no reason for us to carry our past burdens with us. How are we supposed to grow if we do not let go of our past? It’s not possible to fully flourish when we hold on to our past pain and mistakes.

I’m going to share some steps that you can take to let go of your past and start creating your future today. Keep in mind that this is a progress that takes a lot of strength and power, but it is a process that will elevate you and allow you to live your best life possible.

Embrace The Feeling of  Discomfort

Simply put, change is one of the most uncomfortable things we can ever experience. Whether this be moving to a new place, moving forward from a relationship or friendship, starting a new job, etc., it all requires adjustment before feeling comfortable again.

Don’t ignore your heart when it is informing you what’s best for you. No matter how hard it may be to make a change, you are stepping into a path of growth when you make that first step.

“Breathe into Your Fears”

It is much easier said than done, but it is time we start to face our fears upfront. Sometimes it only takes one instance of us doing this for it to become easier.

Challenge yourself to facing at least one small fear that you have each day.

Do Everything With Love

When you’re not putting passion and love into your actions, you risk feeling happy.

It can take a whole lot of courage to make a change within us when we identify something that doesn’t make us happy, but you must remember that if your heart isn’t fully there, you need to step back and find love again.

Check in With Yourself

In our busy lives, it is so difficult to remember to check in with ourselves.

Here’s a question that you can ask yourself every once in a while: Is what I’m doing making me happy? This can apply to your job, your relationships/friendships, your hobbies, etc.

Whatever your answer is, use that to guide you towards your next steps.

Replace “Failure” with Opportunity

It is so quick for us to call something a failure. What if we shifted our perspective a little bit? Instead of viewing something as a “failure,” view it as an opportunity! Rather than scare us away, our failures have the power to motivate us to reach goals that we may not have had before.

At the end of the day, what has happened in the past cannot be changed no matter how much we would like to and that’s O.K. If we want to succeed and grow, we have no choice but to move past those mistakes and sculpt out our future by the actions we put in place today.

I’d like to invite you to dive deeper into holistic health with my new book: “Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth” I hope to encourage you to shift from fear-based living to fierce living. Are you ready to take the next step?

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