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Hey Love. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I shared a ‘what I eat in a day’ video. That’s way too long and my eating habits have changed since. But my love for food hasn’t.

Food is something that we need to stay alive, and it also holds the power to lift our spirits up.

As evolution has taken its course in transforming us from apes to homo sapiens, what we eat and how we eat has also seen an evolutionary transformation. 

As we grow up, we encounter new experiences and discover new things to eat, and at times some of our most intimate memories are also related to food. For some, it may be their nanna’s or their mom’s cooking, and to a few, it may be a street-side diner that rings the right bells. We all have a very strong affinity with food, which is not just about mere survival anymore.

While there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves and indulging once in a while, it may not be in your best interest to do so regularly. But why? Certain foods — specifically processed foods —  are so delicious, and they make us happy. We never see an unhappy kid eating ice cream, do we? So why should we give up that happiness? The answer is simple — to live a healthy life.

Let me put it another way, — how many of you suffer or know someone who suffers from diabetes or heart disease or Alzheimer’s or even cancer? It’s most of us, if not all. But did you know that the cause behind many of these diseases is bad eating habits? The best part, however, is that even if you start doing something about it today, you have a good shot at leading a long and healthy life.

It’s been three years since I shared my video where I spoke about the things that I ate in a day. Since that time, my eating habits have changed, and that’s what today’s solo episode is about. Not only am I going to tell you how my eating habits have transformed, but I will also talk about the supplements I use to boost my immune system. I hope that this episode helps you and your loved ones gain back control over your health and well-being. 

Detoxifying My Morning with Key Lime Water

I am unsure if you remember one of my earlier videos where I had a lime with no seeds. Well, that’s not the lime you want. What we need is Key lime — it is non-hybrid, and you must be careful to select ones that have seeds. Sometimes, even the organic ones are seedless. 

I typically take three Key limes and cut them in half before squeezing them into my detox water or dirty water, as I like to call it. It’s essential for my morning detox routine. If you prefer to use a regular-sized lime instead of a Key lime, then even one would be enough. 

Lime is purifying, especially in the morning. While you are sleeping, your body regenerates everything and repairs itself. So drinking that water first thing in the morning helps clean out your entire digestive tract. I squeeze in three limes, nice and easy, careful enough to use my free hand as a strainer over the glass to catch the seeds.

Not only is it suitable for its detoxification properties, but this helps my body in absorbing water and also refreshes me in the morning. Lime also purifies the water a little, so make sure that you get your lime water. It’s a very small habit to bring into your lifestyle, and it will be a big step towards self-progression. 

I typically begin my day with Key lime water, which refreshes me and detoxifies my body. And for all of you lovelies who have been following me, know that I also take in my morning protein shake — a heavy metal detox smoothie that I keep on sipping through the day. But between the lime water and the smoothie, I get a kick from a celery stick!

Making the Morning Celery Juice

Celery juice cleanses your body and helps you get rid of toxins, and it is something that has changed the lives of many people. To change yours, you can start by rinsing the celery properly with water and then cutting off its ends. 

For 32 ounces of water, two or three bunches should be enough. Chop them whichever way you like and add them to the juicer. Some people take the leaves off the celery stick because of their bitterness, but I like it because it’s beneficial.

Move the celery sticks down the chutes of your juicer, and watch the pulp get separated from the juice; it’s satisfying. You can make some extra and keep it aside to have it later. However, I would recommend that you share it with your friends and neighbors and do your part in healing the world.

Lunch Time is Salad Time!

I eat a salad every single day because it gives me my daily dose of fiber and it just tastes fantastic. And believe it or not, the greens that I use in my salads mostly come from my in-home hydroponic garden, which is a method to grow plants without soil.

I started growing sprouts using mason jars and seeds on my counter, and now I grow my own kale, basil, parsley, tomatoes, strawberries, and more. Homegrown basil just smells so great, and I put it into most things. 

For my salad today, I took parsley, kale, and basil, and I tossed them together. I then roughly cut them into pieces. I like my salads a little chunky, so I don’t chop my greens too small. I also keep rotating the greens and add additional flavors like cilantro, arugula, or fresh oregano. I sprinkle some Old Bay, add the juice of one lime followed by avocado, and then mix it all together.

They say, “the more avocado you add to a dish, the more love you are putting in it,” and to keep your avocado green, all you have to do is to keep the pit inside it until you are ready to use it. For storing it inside the refrigerator, you can just sprinkle some lemon or lime juice on the avocado, which will help it stay green. 

Once the ingredients are in, I gently massage the salad using my hands. Doing this also incorporates the taste of the ingredients further, as every bite of your salad will be flavorful. Then, you can take some cherry tomatoes and cut them in half; if you don’t like tomatoes, you can use peppers instead. Top it up with some walnuts and raisins, and there you have it, that’s your dirty kale salad. This keeps me going for the rest of the day.

Ending the Day on a Pasta High

I take greens with every meal, so I usually just pull some greens from my garden and cut them into small pieces for dinner. Then, I like to put the boiling pot on high and add four cups of water to it. As the water starts to boil, I can add the sauce of my choice; I like using a pink primavera sauce with avocado oil. Then, I add a little black salt to bring out the taste and stir the pot.

After this, I will add the greens to the almost boiling water and set a timer for eight minutes. Once the eight minutes are over, I turn the heat down so that my greens don’t overcook. Next, I take some Banza pasta made of chickpeas with 28 grams of protein and eight grams of fiber.

To cook the pasta, I have two options — you can either cook and strain the pasta and add it to the sauce, or if the sauce is creamy enough, then I can add it directly and allow it to cook. Since I like it creamy, I directly add the pasta and cook it till it is al dente. The pasta will have a beautiful pink color at this stage, and I can just mix it with the greens. The heat can be turned off now.

Dinner is served! I prefer mine in a bowl, and I top it off with a bit of bagel seasoning, which just completes it for me.

So there you have it, this is what I typically eat in a day. It’s clean, and it’s simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to eat and I enjoy all things vegan, but that’s not how I eat mostly. I just prefer to fix my own meals. 

Will You Give My Meal Plan a Try?

Love, now you know how I eat in a day! I typically start with lime water in the morning, after which I have my celery juice or another green juice. Then, I have my heavy-duty metal detox smoothie, which keeps me going till lunch. For lunch, I have a simple and easy salad — mostly it’s dirty kale, but I also try different ones sometimes. And then, to end my day, I have a dish that has complex carbohydrates. I would love to see you give this healthy meal plan a try.

Do watch the rest of this episode here to catch up on things that I couldn’t fit in this post, and please share it with someone who is really trying to transform their diet. What would make this even better if you could tag me, @koyawebb on Instagram with a screenshot of your greatest takeaways from this episode of the Get Loved Up podcast.

Also, make sure to let me know what you eat in a day and how that works out for you! Till then, love yourself, love others, and love the world one day at a time, one breath at a time.


Koya Webb

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