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W O M E N ♥  O W N E D 
Girl Brand We are Crushing On
Started by Michelle Ranavat, this gorgeous girl is putting out amazing products that are  great to implement into your self-care routine.
From oils to hydrosols to face masks, make time for yourself or gift a lady you love with some home spa time with these beautiful product.
Every ingredient has a story…​​​​​​​

Each ingredient in the collection was added to serve YOU. My formulas are not created in cold laboratories or in manufacturing facilities that make thousands of white-label products.

They are all personally scouted and identified by me. I have fallen in love with each ingredient and its unique story and believe they are all strong enough to stand on their own. When simple is completely and utterly beautiful and potent- you don’t want it to hide among ineffective ingredients that do not honor your skin.

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Organic Lavender Tonique

This lavender based hydrosol is a beautiful spray to uplift and tonify your skin. Their certified organic and steam-distilled, hand-picked Himalayan lavender blooms to feed your skin with nature’s powerful vitamins and minerals. Works as a toner, masque activator or a moisture-rich hydrator for whenever your skin needs a drink.

Organic Jasmine Tonique

The smell of Jasmine is so sacred and beautiful. This steam-distilled Indian Jasmine will purify, calm and lift your spirits. Add natural moisture to your skin, without any harsh chemicals or fragrances, just the pure jasmine. Also works as a toner, masque activator or a moisture-rich hydrator.

Kiss of Royal Tea Hydrating Masque

Who doesn’t need a go-to mask? Try this delicate and feminine blend of New Zealand Manuka Honey, rose petals and exotic gooseberry. These naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals gently exfoliate and nourish, leaving behind a vibrantly gorgeous complexion.

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