Tips Protecting You & Your Space

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1.| Tips Protecting You & Your Space

Protecting your space is of utmost importance in this busy world of ours.
Here are a few of my favorite tips to help protect yourself.

♥ Meditate & envision a filter

When something triggering comes up, imagine an giant filter surrounding you. This filter pulls all of the negativity and energy into it, ceasing the ability for negativity and dark energy to reach you. We can use our imagination and visualization in this way for good and to our advantage.

♥ Hang on to your crystals

You can carry crystals with you or place them on your body, as they emit many healing and protective powers. Some of my favorite stones are black tourmaline, smokey quartz, amethyst, fluorite and black obsidian. Note how these crystals feel when they are in your hands or in your field. If you close your eyes and tune in, you can tap into their energetic field and subtle energies that can guide and support you.

♥ Take a moment & journal

Bow to what’s coming up for you. If you start to feel energetically attacked take a deep breath. Acknowledge what is happening and how you feel. We do not want to suppress our truth, but allow it to come up to the surface to breath and then work itself out. Usually journaling can transform our emotional state and we can jot our truth and feelings down on paper.

♥ Use Sage and Palo Santo

Sage and Palo Santo have been used for thousands of years to clear space and remove any negative energy from a room. I love to light mine as the first and last thing I do in a day because it serves as an anchor for clarity. Take a moment to light these sacred objects and as you do so, imagine the smoke clearing away any energetic debris from your day or previous days so you can begin the next moment anew.

♥ ​​​​​​​Change environments

Sometimes when a dark cloud strikes, the best thing to do is to go for a walk. Walking and changing environments is all that is needed. Breathe, stretch, make noises, sing, cry, just be sure to move and release. Being under the open sky will usually help you immediately!

How do you protect and clear your space and life?



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