The Benefits of Belonging to a Community For Your Holistic Health Journey

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Wellness visionary & inspirational speaker, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, & Founder of The Get Loved Up Community. My core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness & eco-friendly living.

Hi, I'm Koya

The Get Loved Up membership is created around one key pillar: A conscious community with a common goal to support each other on our holistic health journey. The benefits of belonging to a community like Get Loved Up is by integrating live interactions through my full moon, new moon, and coaching calls allowing members to heal, build, and thrive together.

The transformation within our membership goes beyond having me as your guide sharing 15+ years of experience as a master yoga teacher, health coach, and transformational expert. I want you to experience the actual value you can receive by connecting with like-minded individuals. Individuals with a shared passion for achieving optimal health, build a solid foundation for their self-care practice and support one another while facing similar struggles. A community allows you to contribute to the collective energy in motivating yourself and others along your holistic health journey.

The Benefits of Belonging to a Community to Build Healthy Habits for Self-Care

So why is it so beneficial for us to build self-care habits collectively?

1. It builds compassion and support.

Joining a community keeps you performing as your best self, allowing you to get inspired by seeing those around you take action. Additionally, hearing others’ stories along the way will enrich your capacity to help others and take these nuggets of wisdom to adapt to your journey. Through a community, we can also cultivate a safe space to share our problems and get direct, personal support from others who have similar fears, thus supporting each other without judgment.

2. It helps you understand different versions of self-care.

The truth is when embarking on our wellness journey, things will look different for everyone, especially at Get Loved Up, where members are spread all over the world, coming from other countries and cultures. The beauty is seeing the diverse ways people apply their daily rituals for self-care and set healthy habits. Depending on everyone’s situation and everyday lifestyle, we realize that everyone is on the same playing field, doing the best they can with what they have. Understand that self-care is not a one-size-fits-all practice or about following one standard method of achieving your health goals. It’s about combining those aspects that best resonate with you to create your version of wellness.

3. It holds you accountable and keeps you motivated.

The fantastic thing about being a part of a community surrounded by similar aspirations, priorities, values, and goals is to improve in three significant areas of life: Spirituality, Wellness, and Entrepreneurship. Rather than comparing to someone else’s path, coming together in a community enables you to talk through challenges and overcome obstacles. Everyone motivates each other, making it easier to reach those next-level health goals together, as you see those around you also succeeding on their path.

 4. It offers an exchange of positive energy and ideas.

Throughout your journey in achieving optimal health and wellness, you may encounter challenges, wins, observations, and resources along the way that you may want to share with others. These encounters can enrich your journey because you encourage others on theirs while learning new perspectives, getting recommendations, and gaining insights that may work for you.

If you’re interested in catching a glimpse at what being a part of the Get Loved Up community is all about, I’d love for you to join my virtual full moon and new moon ceremonies exclusively guided by me as your international holistic health mentor.

Get access to the Virtual Full Moon and Sacred Sister Circle New Moon Ceremony

While each ceremony caters to nurturing our divine energies of a particular part of the moon’s cycle, here are a few of the practicing rituals you can expect:

-Reflective and transformational exercises
-Breathwork and guided meditations
-Sound healing and therapeutic expressions
-A safe space for community shares and spiritual bonding

All monthly classes and events are live, 100% virtual, available to watch anytime, and accessible for free through your Get Loved Up Membership.

Join the Get Loved Up Community for the next Virtual Full Moon and Sacred Sister Circle New Moon Ceremony

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