Podcast: EP 66 Emancipatory Education And Spiritual Liberation with Isazela Amanzi

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Zel (they/them) is the founder of Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki and the creator the Yoga for the Dissolution of Binaries Course, originally called Yoga for NonBinary Folx and Those Who Love Us. Zel is a Black, Queer, NonBinary Sacred Energy Worker. They hold a “Master Teacher” certification in Reiki (though they challenge the “title”) and a M.S.Ed in Social Justice Education. They are an RYT-200 Yoga Teacher with 500hrs in training, and they have completed certifications in Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Zel also offers Sound healing and private coaching in yogic anti-racism. Zel leads workshops, classes, panels & private sessions for colonized/minoritized folks everywhere. They combine their passion for the healing arts with training + experience in anticolonial education to support their personal mission of nourishing the trees that bear the fruits of freedom. Catch them on IG @restinpoweryogareiki

Isazela Amanzi joins me in this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast. Isazela shares their powerful journey of waking up their divinity, shedding limiting falsehoods and living as their most powerful self.

  • 2:54 Coming into yourself
  • 7:09 Committing to ancestral work
  • 9:27 I am an expression of divinity.
  • 9:35 All of my intersections are gifts not burdens
  • 12:15 Purpose
  • 16:30 Learning to trust yourself
  • 19:45 What system is your money going to?
  • 22:00 Learning how to divest
  • 22:50 Social Justice as a Radiant Bliss Practice
  • The Five Koshas
  • 29:00 Return to bliss
  • 31:30 Power of rituals
  • 35:00 Passion to build community
  • 41:16 Using Yoga to dissolve binary thinking

Links mentioned in this episode

  • https://www.restinpower.yoga/reikisacredimmersions
  • https://www.patreon.com/restinpower
  • https://koya-webb.mykajabi.com/store/PA3zFovZ
  • https://www.restinpower.yoga/radicalrealignment
  • Order Koya’s book Let Your Fears Make You Fierce

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