Maintaining your practice while traveling

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As organized as you might be, it can be tricky to keep up with your at home routine when you travel. It’s all a matter of willpower and creating travel habits. You see, when you travel, everything is new, you suddenly have a thousand things to do and see, and you make yourself believe you don’t have time to meditate or flow on your mat like you do at home. But that’s just a limit you are setting for yourself if you think about it. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your practice, no matter where you are.

Do it first thing in the morning.

Meditation is much easier and effective if you do it shortly after waking up. Your head will be clear and it will help you set your intentions for the busy day ahead. If you have a city tour or somewhere you have to be at a certain time, tell yourself you are not leaving the hotel room after you have finished with your practice. That will help you wake up when the alarm goes off half an hour earlier.

Do it at least for 15 minutes.

You can take that time of your day to do something for yourself because it’s not that much. Look at it as your me-time while traveling. The funny thing is, once you start, you might just practice for one hour or 20 minutes, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you overcame the biggest mental obstacle we have which is to just start, once you are on your meditation pillow or mat, continuing feels much easier.

Do it with someone.

If you are traveling with your partner or a friend, make them a part of it so you can keep each other motivated. If you are traveling alone you will always find yoga studios where you can attend to try different styles and even meet people!

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