How to Practice Self-Love Not Just On Valentine’s Day

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It’s easy to get caught up in the thought that love means relationships and that you can’t love without being in a relationship. However, I want you to know that you do not need a relationship to feel love and be in love. True love starts with yourself. You are already experiencing this love within you.

As the saying goes, you “can’t pour from an empty cup,” which is true for all relationships. If we truly want to be loved, we have to cultivate that within ourselves first and prioritize this above all. 

Self-love is not selfish or arrogant. It’s the exact opposite. It helps build healthy, positive relationships (with yourself and others) so that you’re able to love more genuinely and wholeheartedly.

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Self-Love Rituals Every Person Should Practice When Loving Herself

Loving yourself is just as important on any day of the year as it is on February 14th. Perform these self-love rituals when you want to show yourself some love. Practice them often, and you’ll be able to extend that same love to others.

Take yourself out on a date.
Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need someone else to take you out on a date. You can do it yourself and make it just as fun! Do an activity that brings you joy alone – no friends allowed. Dine at a nice restaurant, visit a museum, buy yourself flowers, or even go on a trip. Doing an activity or going on an adventure solo allows you to connect with yourself while challenging your comfort zone. Without the distraction of another person, you’ll discover some divine downloads about yourself that you never knew were there before.

Turn your bathtub into a sanctuary.
Taking a page out of Mama Medicine’s Ritual Baths book, incorporate her concept of creating a whole experience in your bathtub by transforming it into a magical, spa-like retreat. Block out an hour to yourself to draw your bath and tap into all your senses. Let your skin feel the water’s temperature, toss in a bath bomb or flower petals, add essential oils, and smell their aroma. Also, light some candles or dim the lights and include relaxing meditation music for a whole spa-like experience. A bath ritual is a surefire way to satisfy your mind, body, and soul and reinforce your physical well-being by reminding you to slow down and let go – at least for a little while.

doTERRA’s Lavender Oil is my must-have oil to keep on hand at all times due to its calming and relaxing properties that promote a peaceful state and ease feelings of tension.

Check-in with yourself frequently.
As your busy days go by, it’s easy to forget to ask what you need at that moment. As you go about your day, doing all the things, pay close attention to what your mind, body and spirit is telling you. Do a personal audit of how you feel and ask yourself what you could do to feel better. Integrate small acts of self-care that can immediately uplift you, like drinking a glass of water. You’d be amazed at the impact a simple act like this can do to make you feel a ton better.

Self-Love Is Not Just For Valentine’s Day

Practice self-love not just on Valentine’s Day but every day by honoring whatever you need to feel love for yourself. Even if you’re in a relationship, practice self-love first; it’s a gift much better than flowers and candy that lasts longer and means more too.

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