Podcast: EP 34 Healing Fibroids Through Your Body’s Natural Method with Cecili Simmons

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If you’ve ever experienced uterine fibroids, or had lots of pain related to your uterus, low back, etc. this episode is for you. As I’ve become aware of this issue for so many women, I wanted to bring on a knowledgable coach and healer to explain how to heal from these.

Cecili Simmons, is the Founder of OperationFibroidFreedom.com, a platform dedicated to helping women achieve freedom from fibroids naturally.

After suffering with uterine fibroids for a year, and much trial and error researching options for natural fibroid healing, Cecili succeeded in her efforts to become fibroid free.

In this conversation we go deep into what causes fibroids, how to naturally heal from them, and many other great health tips as well.

Show notes

  • What a uterine fibroid is (3:17)
  • Why understanding the true cause of a health issue allows you to heal it fully (4:49)
  • Steps to start naturally healing your fibroids (10:33)
  • Why self-care is such an important part of healing (16:48)
  • What herbs to take in healing your liver and fibroids (18:05)
  • The benefits of a plant-based diet when eliminating fibroids (19:19)
  • Why cruciferous vegetables are so good for healing fibroids (23:05)
  • How your body feels different with animal products versus plant products (30:24)
  • Why birth control can contribute to health issues (32:17)

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