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Hi love, I hope you’re having a great week. Thanks for joining me today on this very frist episode of Get Loved Up

My guest today is Cameron Moore, one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the alkaline plant-based diet. Cameron has worked directly with Dr. Sebi, the foremost advocate of the electric diet. He has also been my personal nutritionist when it comes to learning about the power of an alkaline diet. What Cameron taught me about food has changed my body in amazing ways. I’m so excited for you to hear Cameron’s wisdom and try out his daily health tips. 

In this interview, we talked about his journey into plant-based eating, how following an alkaline diet has changed his life, some tips for helping your body get alkaline, and more. I’m really excited to share this interview with you and so grateful to Cameron for sharing his wisdom. 

Who Is Cameron Moore?

Cameron is an herbalist and Master Nutritionist who studied extensively with Dr. Sebi, the father of the electric diet. After losing 140lbs, Cameron was inspired to share everything he learned with his community and created the company Beyond Vegan, which teaches people how to heal themselves naturally with food. Cameron has dedicated his life to educating the masses on the benefits of the electric diet.

Cameron’s journey to finding his calling as a Master Nutritionist wasn’t a straight path. Growing up, Cameron was lucky to become aware of the importance of diet through his family. 

“I had an auntie in my life [who] many, many years ago [was] into an alternative lifestyle. We thought it was crazy. Then she came around and said, ‘Hey, we’re not going to eat this. We don’t eat that. You need to take these herbs.’ I think the seeds were planted very early on. Even when I had a really unhealthy lifestyle, there were certain things that I always knew to do.” – Cameron Moore

As he grew older, Cameron had a career in the music entertainment business — but he picked up some bad habits along the way. When he met Dr. Sebi, he was not in a great place, physically. 

“I [weighed] about 320 pounds. I was a smoker –– I smoked about a pack of cigarettes every day. I had a really unhealthy lifestyle. At that point, Dr. Sebi shared some information with me and … [it] would not allow me to be the same any longer. Seeds were planted. [I couldn’t] go back.” – Cameron Moore

Dr. Sebi motivated Cameron not only to make a change in his lifestyle but to inspire others to do the same. Cameron found his calling in Dr. Sebi’s teachings, and today he is a nutritionist, coach, and advocate for the same diet that has helped him transform and thrive. 

Three Lessons for Understanding How the Body Functions

From working with Cameron, I know the basic principles of the alkaline diet –– and I think they are a great place to start when learning how changing what you eat can make a big difference in your long-term health. These three principles underpin the teachings of Dr. Sebi and can help guide your choices when it comes to eating better.  

“Number one, we’re all sick. We are at different stages of our individual pathologies. We begin to write off different symptoms and we’ll say, ‘I get migraine headaches. I get recurring yeast infections. I’ve got bad knees or a bad back.’ All these things are really the body’s way of saying something’s going on.” – Cameron Moore

That’s right — we’re all suffering from something. And, luckily, any pain or discomfort in your body is a symptom of the same thing. 

“The number two [rule] is that not only are we all sick, we’re all sick from the exact same thing. They’re not multiple diseases. There’s just multiple manifestations of the exact same underlying problem. That underlying problem is mucus or inflammation.” – Cameron Moore

All our health problems go back to those two factors: mucus and inflammation, according to Cameron. Mucus and inflammation are caused by two things. 

“It’s no mystery where this stuff is coming from. It’s coming from the food and the environment.” – Cameron Moore

Of course, there are only so many changes you can make to impact the environment. Air and water pollution are largely out of our control. But you can make changes to your diet that will have an immediate, massive impact. 

“When you decide to make this change, you’re going to be mad about two things. One is that you didn’t make the change sooner. Number two is that you’re going to be absolutely infuriated when you figure out what they’ve done to our food.” – Cameron Moore

Changing your diet won’t happen overnight. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to make good choices. But, Cameron says, it’s important to start with a two-pronged approach. 

Getting – And Maintaining – An Alkaline Body

How can we start to combat mucus and inflammation? One way is to follow the alkaline diet, meaning you eat alkaline foods –– foods that are plant-based and have not been hybridized or genetically modified. This is different from just being vegan, which allows for all plants regardless of their acidity. To get your body to a state of alkalinity, there are two things you need to do right away. 

“We have to stop putting food in our mouths that are causing mucus, inflammation, and acid in the body. … That means we’re going to stop doing detriment to our body, but what about all the damage we’ve already done? [Then] we gotta begin to cleanse. We have to begin to cleanse our body on a cellular level.” – Cameron Moore

The goal is to bring the body back into homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium, when everything is in balance. When Cameron talks about cleansing, he’s referring to a deep cleanse at the cellular level — not just a quick colon cleanse once a year. 

“What we want to do is begin to address the cells on a one-on-one basis. Scrubbing them, removing the toxins, removing the heavy metals, moving the mucus, moving the acid so that those cells can reform their own mucus membrane and become … healthy cells again — because only a healthy cell can replicate another healthy cell ….That’s how we bring the body back into homeostasis ….That is how we begin to reverse every improper instance in the body to proper health.” – Cameron Moore

One thing Cameron has learned over time is that it’s not just about diet — returning to homeostasis also takes the right mindset. It’s just about maintaining our health by being knowledgeable about what we’re consuming through our clothes, our products, on our skin, and through the air that we breathe. This lifestyle is purposeful, intentional, and spiritual. 

Cameron’s Journey to Better Health 

If living in a state of homeostasis sounds both inspiring and intimidating, you’re not alone. Cameron’s personal transition to caring for his health and body took some time — and that’s why he takes the responsibility of guiding others toward this path very seriously. 

“Two of the biggest things that [Dr. Sebi] taught me is that [first], you must do [this work] with integrity. People are trusting you with their health. You are a conduit for the information. You’ve taken in the information, you’re digesting it and you’re giving it back to the people. The other thing is that we have to meet everybody where they’re at, and do this with love. There’s no food shaming and talking down [to people]. We meet people where we’re at. Everybody’s [reason for changing is different].” – Cameron Moore

Cameron’s reason for changing was the birth of his daughter. When she was a baby, he didn’t have the greatest lifestyle. And, luckily, her birth coincided with his meeting with Dr. Sebi. 

“The first thing I cut out was smoking about a pack a day. And then, the drinking. I was at the point where I was probably drinking about a gallon of vodka a week. … I spent many years in the music business [and] entertainment, and … these unhealthy habits seemed to go right in line with the lifestyle. I just happily collected these habits.” – Cameron Moore

How did Cameron approach such a massive challenge? He took it one day at a time, starting with a list of foods that Dr. Sebi had researched over 30 years and approved for an alkaline diet. 

“I took that list and … put a copy of it on my phone [and refrigerator] so I’d always have it with me. I told myself, ‘Every day I’m going to eat at least one thing off of this list….[Then], every meal, every time I eat, I’m going to have at least one thing off of this list.’” – Cameron Moore

Eventually, adding alkaline foods into his diet from once a day to once a meal to 80 – 90% of everything he ate became easy. These baby steps led to sustainable change. Cameron’s been able to maintain a lifestyle that is alkaline and vegan, and he did so by taking manageable steps that set him up to succeed.

Getting Started with Alkaline, Plant-Based Nutrition 

What are some small steps you can take to work toward an alkaline diet? First, start integrating the right foods into your meals. Here are some fruits and vegetables that Cameron recommends: 

  • Chayote
  • Hard winter squash: butternut, acorn, kabocha squash
  • Dandelion greens
  • Jicama
  • Mangoes
  • Papaya
  • Grapes with seeds
  • Apples (watch out for the ones that have been genetically modified)
  • Watermelon

Some of these vegetables, like jicama and chayote, you can find at specialty or Latino markets. 

As you start adding these ingredients into your diet, think about what you’re not putting into your body –– you’re subbing something like squash for french fries. I call it “crowding out.” The more that you eat these healthy foods, the more they balance out some of the bad stuff you may still be tempted to eat. And, while you’re eating the squash, mango, and papaya, you’re eating less of the stuff that’s not good for you. You’ll start to realize you have more energy, your skin looks good, and you feel better. It’s an amazing feeling that can be addictive in a good way. When you get addicted to these fruits and vegetables, you feel like you could run a marathon.

Get Loved Up with Cameron Moore

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m looking at this food list and half the things I haven’t heard of. I don’t know where to get them. I don’t have time to go to five different farmer’s markets. I don’t have time to prep them and cook them.” I hear you. There are so many people out there who think eating plant-based/vegan is too hard, too boring, or tastes bland. This is where Cameron can help. Beyond Vegan offers meal plans for delivery that include two meals per day (Lunch and Dinner) along with breakfast smoothies, assorted fruits, snacks, and fresh-pressed juices, all curated by Cameron Moore and the Beyond Vegan staff. There are a few different levels of subscription, whether you’re just interested in juices, want the full meal plan, or need a consultation. Check out the menu on the @beyondveganeats Instagram page. 

Of course, I had one more question for Cameron: How do you get loved up?

“The way that I get loved up is by being of service. I love being of service. I surround myself with like-minded people, people who also want to be of service. We are what we consider to be ‘love monsters’. It’s really about love. I surround myself with the things and the work that I love.” – Cameron Moore

I’m so grateful to Cameron for sharing his love and wisdom. For more from Cameron, follow @beyondveganeats on Instagram and check out his many services. I would love to hear what you learned from this episode. Tag Cameron, @electricalkalineliving, and me, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your greatest takeaways. 

Until next time, love — keep yourself open to spiritual experiences and let yourself be healed. I love you. 

Show Notes

  • How Cameron went from 300 pounds and smoking a pack a day to his current healthy state (3:30)
  • The most important health tips Cameron learned early on from his mentor (5:22)
  • The underlying problem of all disease in the body (5:21)
  • What it looks like for the body to be in homeostasis (8:20)
  • Why it’s important for your cells to be “scrubbed” often (9:32)
  • The first thing Cameron cut out when he decided to get healthy (15:10)
  • Why it’s important to create a lifestyle that’s sustainable for a lifetime (20:50)
  • How our bodies learn to crave healthy food (31:23)
  • Cameron’s daily tips for keeping you and your loved ones healthy (42:14)
  • How Cameron gets loved up (47:01)

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