Episode #89: High Five Your Way to Success With Mel Robbins

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Wellness visionary & inspirational speaker, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, & Founder of The Get Loved Up Community. My core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness & eco-friendly living.

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“Curiosity opens the door for your desire to flow through. Insecurity locks your desire in a cage and it eats you alive.” – Mel Robbins

Meet Mel Robbins

As Mel says, “After screwing up my life for the first 40 years, I finally figured out how to change my habits and I’ve become a happier, more confident, more fulfilled person because of it. My mission is to teach you how to do the same in your life. In EVERY aspect of your life.”

After being 800,000 dollars in debts only 10 years ago, but after writing and self-publishing The 5 Second Rule, there were 2M copies sold, in 33 languages, and 100,000+ five-star reviews for the book, which was 2017’s Audible’s nonfiction bestseller and most successful self-published audiobook of all time. She says “The fact that I published it amazes me, given how I struggled with ADHD and dyslexia. And also explains why it took me 4 years to finish my new book, The High 5 Habit.”

She’s worked 12 different careers. Yes, really, including hosting a daytime syndicated talk show with Sony Pictures Television and 5 years at CNN as a legal analyst, covering some of the biggest social justice cases of our time. Most people also don’t know she began my career in 1994 as a criminal defense attorney in NYC for Legal Aid.

For 35 years she struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, and the impact of untreated childhood trauma. Not anymore, thanks to the tools in The 5 Second Rule, The High 5 Habit, and EMDR––She’s a changed human being, which is why her mission in life is to share simple, proven tools that anyone, at any age, can use to change thinking and behavior patterns.

In This Episode

In this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast, Koya Webb welcomes Mel Robbins, international best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule, 4 number 1 best-selling audiobooks, the number 1 podcast on Audible, and the author of The High 5 Habit, a revolutionary simple way of affirming yourself for who you are. Her groundbreaking work on behavioral change has been translated into 36 languages and is used by healthcare professionals and the world’s biggest brands to inspire people to become more confident, effective, and fulfilled.

Today, Mel shares exactly how to use the 5 Second Rule to disrupt intrusive thoughts. As wrestling with the voice that tells you you’re not worthy is a daily endeavor, she shares her own experiences in keeping on track with her journey even as scarcity begane to creep up again. Mel also explains how she came up with the High 5 Habit. It’s a deceptively simple way to affirm the person in the mirror and provide you with a scientifically-proven, biologically-needed dopamine drip.

“If you can use these tools to push through fear, and if you can use these tools to repair your relationship with yourself and to start believing in yourself again, you will be startled by the magic that happens in your life.” – Mel Robbins

Get Loved Up with Mel Robbins

Mel’s techniques are being practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and you are invited to join the revolution in empowering yourself to be your authentic self. If you haven’t already, go pick up a copy of the High Five Habit today, and experience the change in your life.

I hope you find an incredible amount of inspiration, and value, as I did, in what Mel shares with us in this episode. If so, please tag her @melrobbins, and I, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your favorite takeaways. Hearing about what you’ve learned from us, and what your favorite moments were, inspires us to continue making a positive impact in this world. 

Until next time, love yourself, love others, and love the world. One day at a time, one breath at a time. 


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  • 05:05 Wrestling with Your Triggers
  • 08:01 The 5 Second Rule
  • 10:01 Breaking and Replacing Limiting Beliefs
  • 15:12 The High 5 Habit Breaks Self-Rejection
  • 21:39 People Pleasing
  • 27:06 Giving that High 5
  • 33:11 Comparison/Jealousy/Envy
  • 39:41 Liberating Affirmations
  • 45:53 Mel’s Professional Journey
  • 52:06 Life As A Mother
  • 56:18 Overcoming Depression
  • 1:05:23 Join the High 5 Challenge

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