Episode #87: Identity Shift, Marriage, Divorce and Finding Yourself with Anthony Trucks

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“I believe the world that we experience is a mirror to us. Heavily. If I show up negatively, I get negative. If I show up positive, I get positive. Now I could only give out what I have inside. If inside I have joy, I’m going to give that out. It gets mirrored back.”

What is your identity and purpose in this life?

This is a question that many of us struggle with at least once in our lives. We may question our purpose because of a failed career or a struggling relationship, or maybe we’ve just never been sure what we want to pursue in life. If you’ve felt these feelings, you’re not alone. 

We may tend to look at successful people and wonder why we weren’t born with a certain talent or ability. But no one is born a hit musician or author; success starts with first identifying our skill or gift and then devoting hours and years of practice to master it and reap its benefits. But then, what if we don’t know what we are good at? When we are burdened with so much confusion and obscureness, we tend to question our existence.

All of us were born and brought up in different situations, but what binds us together is this quest for finding meaning and fulfillment. On the journey, we may need to face a lot of hardships, and we must be strong enough to lift ourselves back up and move ahead with grit and perseverance. 

To drive this thought home, I have a remarkable man with me today to share his story. Anthony Trucks is a former NFL pro athlete who is now a transformational identity shift coach. Anthony’s life has been full of ups and downs, but what sets him apart is his determination and perspective, which allows him to adapt and grow with any situation.

“The secret to a new and better life isn’t a shift in mindset, but a shift in identity.” – Anthony Trucks

In this episode, we talk about Anthony’s difficult childhood, his rise to stardom, and then a life-changing injury that pushed him to shift his identity and take back control of his life. His mindset and persistence allowed him to find meaning in life, and I am so excited for you to learn from this incredible human and his story. But first, let’s get to know Anthony.

Who Is Anthony Trucks?

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL athlete, an American Ninja Warrior on NBC, an international speaker, the host of the Aww Shift Podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. Anthony uses cutting-edge technology and psychology to upgrade how you operate so that you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential.

After entering the foster care system at three years old, getting adopted into a poor, all-white family at 14, losing his NFL career to injury, and more, Anthony learned how to shift at a very young age. Now his life mission is teaching others how to “make shift” happen in their lives.

Anthony is also a best-selling author and has written the book Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life. He has been featured by SUCCESS Magazine, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and National Geographic. Anthony’s personal journey through his hardships allows him to connect with others on a deeper level to help them SHIFT their lives and move from where they are to where they want to be.

“You have to give up who you are for who you want to become.” – Anthony Trucks

I am so excited to have Antony here with me on the Get Loved Up podcast because I know that many people struggle with their identity and figuring out who they are. The pandemic fueled the identity crisis further, and so I hope this episode inspires you to transform your current challenges and shift into your true identity.

The Rise, The Fall, and The Shift: The Story of Anthony’s Life

After going through years of abuse under foster care, Anthony was finally adopted by a poor, all-white family, and that’s where he felt loved and wanted. From then, Anthony worked on overcoming his challenges and started applying himself. At the age of 15, he made a commitment to himself that he would become a great pro football player, and through this goal, he wished to achieve acceptance and value in the world. 

“When you invest in hard work, the return on investment is the sense of ownership. Whether or not it’s right is relative to the situation. … [What happened next] was that I got to this level of confidence, self-esteem, and joy. What you create creates you. … So what I did was I created this sense of self, I built into it, it showed up differently, and it turned my life around. Now I have this sense of confidence.” – Anthony Trucks

Anthony achieved his goal, but he slowly totally lost a sense of who he was after college when he got into the NFL. Then, he faced a personal tragedy. From having a great marriage to rising in the football scene, everything was brought to a halt after Anthony’s career-pausing injury. Subsequently, his marriage too fell apart, and he got divorced, with his career vanishing right in front of his eyes. This took an immense toll on Anthony and made him question his identity.

“I was actually suicidal at one point, and I climbed out of that hole by working hard. I was trying to align with the person that I wanted to be. … I came to find that identity played a massive role with faith, and with how I saw myself as a father and a husband. I wanted to be a good father and husband, I wanted to be in great shape, and I wanted to have a business that serves people. … It’s hard to do things if they aren’t who you are as it feels out of character. But that’s good because if your character isn’t of the caliber of your dream, you need to expand your character. This meant I had to shift into that person.” – Anthony Trucks

And shift is what he did. Anthony realized that negative emotions like anger and misery would just propel negativity further. So he looked within himself, tapped into the feeling of joy, and started reflecting it into the world. That joy is what got mirrored back to him. He stopped getting mad at people and at himself and found solace in the power of forgiveness. 

Identity Shift: Helping Others Find Themselves

Anthony has been on a journey to help people discover their true identity and find the light within. Though everyone is different and unique, Anthony has paved the way for people to find their purpose and fuel their passions in ways that expand their way of thinking and bring them closer to their goals.

“If you find your identity, you work on building yourself. You may find things about yourself that you weren’t aware were taking place or that you might find joy in. … So I think you may find new nuances, but you won’t find a whole different person hiding inside of you; you have to build that person. In my book, Identity Shift, I made sure that this concept made sense.” – Anthony Trucks

Through Anthony’s identity SHIFT method, he aims to ease the struggles of finding your true identity by helping you identify the opportunities that lie within that hard inner work. 

“I guide people through what I figured out by trial and error and some research, and I created this process called the ‘shift method.’ … While we are all different, we are also human, … and we don’t see certain things about ourselves. We have to take actual actions to change our lives, and we have to keep some kind of consistency in place to become that person. … So, as opposed to guessing through that and hoping to work hard, I just codified the process, and it works. Then I put it in the book, … which actually walks you through the steps to do it.” – Anthony Trucks

While Anthony’s method can help you overcome your hurdles and confusion, it really does start with self-love and self-respect. You should take care of yourself first and foremost. Sometimes we shame ourselves and guilt ourselves into doing things, but living in our identity is about doing what brings us the most joy. If you want to outsource something in your business career, even though you can do it yourself, just give yourself permission to do that. Just give yourself that catalyst to fuel the fire inside you and do what you truly love. 

Get Loved Up with Anthony Trucks

I am so amazed by Anthony’s approach to life, and I hope that this post about finding your identity was insightful and inspiring for you. Often in life, we may be faced with confusion, uncertainty, and a sense of abandonment, but having a basic understanding of self and determination can be the perfect catalyst for our transformation. 

Make sure to check out the full episode here to hear all of Anthony’s story and wisdom.  I would also recommend you check out Anthony’s website here to learn more about his life and work as a transformational coach. You can also follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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I just want to take a moment to say thank you for being part of the Get Loved Up community. I’m here for you, and together we’re making the world a better place, one day at a time, one show at a time.

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  • 2:27 Struggling to Find Identity in an Adoptive Family
  • 5:25 Opening Up to Love
  • 7:43 Seeking Acceptance Through Football
  • 14:51 Anthony Meets His Father
  • 18:14 Spirituality & Faith
  • 22:35 Losing the NFL & Realigning
  • 26:32 Forgiveness & Compassion
  • 34:39 Identity in Marriage
  • 39:13 Identity Shift: Helping Others
  • 43:53 A Lesson in Self-Love
  • 46:50 Entrepreneurship: Aligning the Message

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