Episode #109: Celebrating Black Motherhood with Anna Malaika Tubbs

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“It’s very clear there’s an intentional erasure of women’s stories, and very specifically black women’s stories. Because it doesn’t fit this kind of hegemonic notion of this white male who is the leader, this white cisgender male as the hero of every story. It doesn’t fit that, we’re just gonna say it never happened or it didn’t exist.”

– Anna Malaika Tubbs

Meet Anna Malaika Tubbs

Anna Malaika Tubbs is a New York Times Bestselling author, advocate, and educator who is inspired to bring people together through the celebration of difference. Motivated by her mother’s work advocating for women’s and children’s rights around the world, Anna uses an intersectional lens to advocate for women of color and educate others. Her focus is on addressing gender and race issues in the US, especially the pervasive erasure of Black women which she explored in her recent release The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation.

In This Episode

In this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast, Koya Webb talks to author Anna Malaika Tubbs. Anna focuses on how she was inspired to write her book, which tells the story of Berdis Baldwin, Alberta King, Louise Little, the mothers who raised three of the most influential figures in African American history, James Baldwin, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X. Anna also talks about the systemic racism that still haunts women of color today, and the difficulties of raising a black family in this political climate.

“I needed to keep a hold on my joy and my love, and not allow fear to be the only thing that I was feeling. To use that fear as a driving force, to face it, not to hide it.  Say don’t be afraid, but say yes, this world can be very scary but my joy and my agency is something I need to hold on to because that’s how I continue to fight against these forces.” – Anna Malaika Tubbs

Get Loved Up with Anna Malaika Tubbs

I hope you find an incredible amount of hope, inspiration and value, as I did, in what Anna Malaika Tubbs shares with us in this episode. If so, please tag @annastea_honesty, and I, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your favorite takeaways. Hearing about what you’ve learned from us, and what your favorite moments were, inspires us to continue making a positive impact in this world. 

Until next time, love yourself, love others, and love the world. One day at a time, one breath at a time. 

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  • 02:23 The Secret Power of Naps
  • 05:12 The Story Behind The Book
  • 10:24 Rewriting The Stories of Black Mothers
  • 15:22 White Supremacy & The Erasure Of Black Mothers’ Stories
  • 19:50 Black People Don’t Need To Educate Everyone Of Their Pain
  • 22:35 We Don’t Need To Carry the Burden Alone
  • 23:40 Self-Care Habits & Prioritizing Family
  • 32:35 How Society Can Improve Their Treatment Of Black Mothers
  • 38:32 Raising A Black Family in This Political Climate
  • 50:19 Change Is Always Possible

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