Podcast: EP 25 Easy and Delicious Ways for the Whole Family to Become Vegan with Jenné Claiborne

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I am so excited to share the light and inspiration of my friend Jenné with you in this episode. She is one of my most committed vegan friends and she makes the best tasting recipes of all my favorite soul foods – plant-based!

Jenné is the founder of Sweet Potato Soul, a site and brand where you’ll discover hundreds of delicious and easy-to-make vegan recipes. She also shares lots of cooking videos and healthy eating tips on her Youtube channel. Since becoming vegan, she has become a health coach, cooking instructor, cookbook author, wife, and new mama!

In this episode we talk all about how to incorporate a vegan diet into your life, your family’s life, and even your newborn baby’s life. We cover why it’s so important, how to navigate the ups and downs, and what amazing blessings can come to you as a result. We also discuss tips for entrepreneurship, motherhood, and relationships.

Show Notes

  • What Jenné’s greatest fear was when she decided to be vegan (0:55)
  • Top tips for eating with your family when you have chosen a vegan diet (2:12)
  • Jenné’s recommendations on vegan books and documentaries (8:23)
  • 3 of Jenné’s most popular vegan recipes (12:06)
  • Why the source and quality of your produce matters (14:09)
  • How to start trying out veganism (16:50)
  • Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment (21:20)
  • Advice for raising your babies and kids vegan (25:35)
  • The biggest adjustments going from an entrepreneur to a mom (29:55)
  • Jenné’s journey through breastfeeding her newborn (37:01)
  • Advice for moms who also want to work (43:35)
  • How having a baby can challenge and strengthen your relationship with your partner (45:22)
  • How Jenné gets loved up (51:21)

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