Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Living Your Best Life

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Living Your Best Life

Being fearful, while totally normal and natural can be extremely frustrating! It can hinder our ability to enjoy experiences or stop us dead in our tracks and prevent us from trying new things that we know deep down our good for us.

Think back to something you genuinely wanted to conquer, but you didn’t out of fear. Did you feel embarrassed, upset or even angered? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to face our fears and release the past.

The next time you are plagued by fear, no matter what the situation may be, think about these next few tips to conquer your fears!

Flip Those Negative Thoughts 

Fear comes from the mental visualization of negative outcomes. Try visualizing the outcome that favors you most. It’s a guarantee that you will be much closer to achieving your desired outcome if you are feeling happy and confident, and positive visualization fools the brain into thinking you’re winning!

Affirmations are another excellent way to build yourself up! Whenever you feel your mind filling with negative scenarios, interrupt those thoughts with positive affirmations. Reject the thoughts that are telling you that things won’t workout and instead tell yourself that things will. Affirm that you are a strong person that is crushing it at life and can get through anything!

The more positive energy you fill your mind with, the more it will reflect in the things that you do in your own life. Allow fear to motivate you. Instead of seeing fear as something negative, view the unknown as something that is exciting.

Challenge Yourself 

To face your fears ultimately means to step out of your comfort zone. Create a mental or physical list of what these may be for you and do one of them each day. Keep putting yourself in those situations until you are no longer afraid, then make a new list!


Start up a conversation with the person you have always been a bit intimidated by.


Go out to your favorite restaurant by yourself.


Approach the person in your life about the thing you have wanted to discuss with them for the longest time, but always have been too nervous.

 Say ‘yes’ to an invite or plan without too much thought.

By engaging in these practices we gain comfort in dealing with the uncomfortable. Make fear your friend, and you will find yourself in special places others dare not go!

What fears are you ready to let go of?​​​​​​​

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