Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

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A large part of many people’s day-to-day lives include being in the workplace. On top of this, we live in a society where the risk of chronic illnesses is expected to increase in the next few years, therefore, allowing employees the access to health and wellness benefits on site at their own workplace is incredibly important to help them sustain optimal health.

Corporate wellness of course has its many perks as it is beneficial to both the employees and their workplace. Just think about when your productivity and overall stamina increases when you are consistently eating healthy and being active.

This applies to employees and businesses as well! When employees have access to corporate wellness, they are not only going to see positive outcomes in their own health, they will see positive outcomes within the workplace that they are in as a result of a being integrated in a more health-conscious corporate structure.

Let’s look at some more benefits of corporate wellness:

Improvements in mental and physical health

In a study done to track the outcome of a workplace wellness program in Canada, the study concluded that after 1 year, there were clinical improvements in physical and mental health amongst the employees. This included improvements in blood pressure, reductions in poor sleep quality, reduction in fatigue and more.

Employees are surrounded by a healthy environment

One of the reasons why I always say to invite your friends or family to join along with you on a fitness challenge or journey is because you are accompanied by extra support to help you maintain your goals!

A well-planned corporate wellness program holds the same concept. From the healthy food, education and wellness initiatives that the program includes, you are surrounded by the support that you need to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Reduction in health care costs

According to CDC, More than 75% of healthcare is spent on people with chronic conditions. When you incorporate a well-planned corporate wellness program into the workplace, you are decreasing potential healthcare costs as a result of the employees’ improvement of their mental and physical health through the program.

Increases Employee Retention and Attendance

One common cause of absenteeism in the workplace is illness. This is a factor that can have negative consequences on both the employee and their workplace as productivity levels decrease significantly when employees are absent.

One of the goals with corporate wellness programs is to provide the proper resources and education to employees so that they can incorporate healthy mental and physical behaviors to decrease the amount of absenteeism in the workplace. Not only will physically feeling better reduce absenteeism, but productivity and higher morale as a result of health and wellness practices will as well.

Corporate wellness is so important as it has significant outcomes that can truly change the lives of so many people. Your health and wellness is incredibly valuable and to be able to reap the benefits of corporate wellness programs in a space that you spend a lot of time in is a true pleasure.

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