6 Ways to Create a Workout Routine That Improves Your Mental Health

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Wellness visionary & inspirational speaker, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, & Founder of The Get Loved Up Community. My core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness & eco-friendly living.

Hi, I'm Koya

As a fitness model and holistic health coach, I am all about structuring and sharing a fitness method that works well for YOUR unique needs. Fitness, for me, is one of the main pillars for a holistic, healthy lifestyle and a vital part of my wellness ritual that includes how to create a workout routine, healthy eating habits, self-care rituals, and spirituality practices. 

I understand it may be challenging to begin working out, especially when you don’t have a consistent practice in place, a tremendous amount of time, or just don’t enjoy it.

But if you want to make fitness your priority in building better habits, then read on.

As your go-to for all things fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits, I can guide you to creating your very own workout routine that’s easy for you to get started and enjoyable for you to stick with.

Create A Workout Routine That Lowers Your Stress Levels and Improves Your Mental Health In 6 Ways

1. Identify Your Fitness Goals
Identifying your fitness goals will help you pinpoint the why behind your workout routines, helping you stay motivated. There is no right or wrong way to find out your why; however, it must be authentic to you. Are you trying to improve your energy levels? Are you looking to lose weight? Identify your physical goals and link them to your mind and spirit to learn “your why” behind your fitness goals.

2. Get Comfortable Having a Warm Up Routine
Ideally along with your warm-up, some cardio and stretches can get your heart pumping as well as muscles ready for movement. Spend 5-10 minutes before your workout power-walking or a few sun salutations. You can work out some of the tightness and tension with some stretching. Start with your neck and shoulders, and work down to the legs and feet.

3. Full Body Focus Workouts
Feel free to perform exercises that focus on the whole body or target a specific body part. If you want an entire body workout that’s effective, then I strongly recommend a HIIT sequence. A HIIT workout routine combines intense activity with less-intense ones that allow you to rest in between segments. A great way to do this is by combining yoga & HIIT.

My Total Body Yoga HIIT Workout with Alo Yoga

4. Structure Your Sequence
Once you’ve identified what physical part you would like to focus on for your workout, structure your exercises with numbers to help you have a straightforward go-to practice that reduces the pressure about knowing where to start. Check out my Daily 100 Workout. This workout consists of a one-mile warm-up, ab work with crunches, leg work with squats, and pushups.

My Get Loved Up Daily 100 Workout

5. Calm Down the Body With a Cool Down
Just as it’s important to stretch at the beginning of a workout, it’s just as crucial that you wrap up with a bit of light stretching of the body part you worked out. A cool-down will help your body best absorb the benefits of your workout.

6. Schedule Your Workout Sesh
Now that you’ve created your workout, it’s time to schedule it in. Start small with at least one hour a week to ensure you get it done, and only after you’ve accomplished this consistently move up to longer workouts or more workout days during the week. Sometimes if you’re super busy, schedule in just 10 minutes to get the body moving and blood pumping. Consider the gaps of time where nobody demands anything from you. Try waking up one hour before everyone else in your family, as the morning is the best time to get energized for the day ahead.

My Best Total Body Fitness Workout Routine

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your workout routine? Let me know what your workout looks like in the comments.

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