5 Simple Practices to Balancing Your Heart Chakra

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Do you know the power of the chakras?


There is so much to know about all the chakras, but today we’re focusing on just one – the heart chakra.


It may be out of balance.


You may not have even known that was possible, but if you’ve been experiencing difficulty in relationships, a lack of compassion for yourself and an unclear understanding of what your true passions are then follow the advice in this article to balance out.


So firstly what is the heart chakra?


Also referred to as Anahata, meaning “unhurt” in Sanskrit.

Physically, it’s represented in the middle of the spine at the same level of the heart, makes sense right?


Well, it’s responsible for regulating compassion, empathy, love, acceptance and forgiveness.


Why is it so important?

  • It helps us cultivate self-love and self- acceptance
  • It strengthens the emotional bonds of our relationships 
  • It cultivates inner wisdom to attract love and compassion 
  • It makes us more open to receiving and accepting love 
  • It makes up more empathetic to understanding others emotions 


What happens when our heart chakra is balanced? 


We have an open and compassionate attitude towards ourselves along with other people, forgiving more easily.


It strengthens our ability to form intimate and loving relationships. 


We are able to easily accept others’ weaknesses and still love them for who they are, without the feeling of having to fix them.


We are more open to building deeper connections with others, and understand at a soulful level.


What happens when our heart chakra is out of balance? 

  • You may experience feelings of possessiveness and jealousy towards those you hold relationships with.
  • You may experience a lack of self-love and acceptance.
  • You may find you emotionally depend on others to feel stable.
  • You’re constantly looking for external validation and sometimes lose yourself in caring for others. 
  • You adopt a cold and distant attitude as a way of protecting your heart.
  • You hang on to past trauma, finding it difficult to forgive and move on.
  • You struggle in letting yourself feel empathy for others.


So what are some rituals you can integrate in your routine to balance your heart chakra? 

Here are 5 Simple Practices to Open Your Heart Chakra:

  1. Find compassion and kindness for yourself daily: Repeat self-love affirmations to yourself, honor your boundaries and what your mind, body and soul need. Do your best to be nonjudgmental of yourself or others. To cultivate self love and nourish your heart chakra on the daily, we love the idea of creating a sacred bath time ritual, check out our curated selection to start integrating this on the daily : https://www.amazon.com/shop/koyawebb?listId=1BLYW0PMSQPO8
  2. Seek to connect with people deeply: Be compassionate to people’s mistakes and ask meaningful questions to open up towards others and understand their true identity. If you’re interested in joining a community to cultivate self love towards yourself and others we’d love for you to check out our cyber Monday discount for the get loved up membership.
  3. Live your life in the most generous and open way that you can: By practicing kindness towards others, and being of service to anyone in need of help. 
  4. Understand the importance of being present: Make space for others to feel and share their emotions with you, this will nurture your empathy and compassion.
  5. Practice heart opening yoga poses and meditations: Breathe into your heart, and let any self-resentment, past trauma or judgment out  with your exhale. Practice yoga poses like pigeon pose, tadasana, bow pose or cobra.


If you’re looking to get to know your chakras better, discover our chakra stone bag where you’ll discover the power of the 7 other chakra points.

Follow these practices, balance out the heart chakra and experience the abundance of love that will follow.


Join us in the Get Loved Up Membership to learn more about the chakras, enjoy soothing bath ritual practices and make delicious smoothies that help balance our the chakras with nourishing practices.

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