5 Natural Ways To Outsmart Jet Lag

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You love to travel. Just thinking about heading to the next unknown and paradisiac destination
gets you all excited and you can’t wait to leave. But once the day of departure gets closer you
remember your travel enemy: jet lag.

You see, jet lag happens in our bodies when the internal circadian clock (the one in charge of
regulating our sleep cycles) is disrupted by traveling. If you are also feeling stressed or tired,
the jet lag gets worse. You wish there was a magic pill you could take so you wouldn’t have to
go through it, but sadly there is none. However, there are some healthy ways to turn it around
and have jet lag almost nonexistent!

1. Meditate

As mentioned before, stress is something that makes jet lag worse, that’s why meditating
when you wake up the day you are flying, before going to sleep during the flight and once you
have arrived to your destination will allow your body and mind to calm down and get better
sleep. If you already have a meditation practice you will find it easier to relax for 20 minutes, if
not, this is your excuse to start a meditation practice! Begin by sitting comfortably and breathe
for 5-10 minutes to a calm song with no lyrics. It’s completely normal if your mind wanders off
and thoughts come in, you just keep focusing on your breath and practice a little bit everyday
to improve your time.

2. Stretch and stay active

Have you ever seen people rolling out their yoga mats at airports? They have a solid reason to.
Stretching and simply moving around the airport helps your body rest better and if you do it
near bedtime after a nice savasana you will fall asleep in a matter of seconds. Any exercise you
do after landing in your destination should be as light as possible, as doing heavy exercise right
before sleeping can delay sleep.

3. Stay hydrated

Go to the airport with an empty water bottle that you can refill during your trip and drink it
before, during and after your flight to fight dehydration. Another thing to keep in mind is
avoiding alcohol and caffeine in general since they can disrupt your sleeping cycle and also
cause dehydration!

4. Mind the light

Your circadian rhythm responds to the light your eyes detect and you can use this to your
advantage! If you arrive at your destination in the middle of the day, go out and discover the
place, get as much light as possible. If, instead, you get there at bedtime, go to sleep wearing an eye mask to prevent any light waking you.

5. Eat light and mostly plant-based

Eating a high carb or fatty diet can disrupt your sleep patterns, which is why it’s better to keep
it light. Having healthy and simple meals like salads, fruits, nuts, etc won’t give your body so
much digestive work to do and you will sleep much better.

What are your secret tips to fighting jet lag?

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