3 Soy-Product Foods to Add to Your Kitchen

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In a plant-based world, soy is a common ingredient found in so many food products that are available to eat. It is the basis that makes up a lot of meat and dairy alternatives, and can really make your transition into a plant-based diet a lot smoother.

However, soy does have its pros and cons and carries a bit of controversy with it. Many are concerned by its ability to imitate estrogen as well as the compound of Hexane that can be found in a lot of processed soy foods.

All in all, more research is still needed to confirm a lot of the concerns that circulate around soy products, but there is no denying that a little bit of soy is actually beneficial to your health. Today I’m going to list three soy-based food items that I recommend adding to your kitchen. They are versatile, delicious and extremely satisfying without increasing your soy intake too heavily.

Soy Milk

In a plant-based diet, dairy products are not consumed, therefore it is vital to find alternatives that can grant you a similar satisfaction and source of calcium. Even if you are not plant-based, dairy alternatives are essential for those who are lactose-intolerant.

Out of the many dairy alternatives that exist, soy milk is an excellent option because it provides a lot of protein and calcium to your body.

Soy milk can be used in a lot of different ways. You can drink it for a beverage, use it to cook your oats in the morning, replace regular milk in your tea or coffee, and use it as a baking substitution.

Veggie Burgers

I believe one of the easiest substitutions you can make when going plant-based is with veggie burgers. It is an amazing food to get things moving along when you first start out in the diet as well as provides you with a similar satisfaction of food that you may have eaten before going plant-based.

You can find so many recipes online on how to make tofu burgers which usually combine a lot of other delicious vegetables in them as well. If cooking isn’t your forte, there are so many veggie burger brands on the market that you can buy in-store.  

The ingredients that make up an ordinary soy veggie burger provide you with a good source of iron, protein and essential vitamins and nutrients to support your heart health and digestion. Eventually, you can play around with different ingredients or try out different brands to discover a veggie burger you enjoy best.


If you are on the search for a great go-to snack or something to munch on when you are feeling hungry, edamame is the way to go. Edamame, which are soybeans that have not yet become ripe or hard, can be prepared in many different ways. They can be boiled, steamed, roasted and even prepared by being placed in the microwave.

This food is a fantastic source of fiber and has the perfect amount of fat, carbs, minerals and vitamins to meet your body’s needs. The next time you are out to eat, check the menu and see if they serve edamame for an appetizer. It’s a healthy, fulfilling and plant-based choice!

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