Why You Should Keep A Schedule

Do you ever feel like you have so many things to do and don’t know where to start?

Then let me tell you the secret for success: schedule EVERYTHING!

That’s right. From the lemon water you will have in the morning to the time you will spend on  doing your nails. When you put everything into a list, you have a more clear vision of what you want to accomplish and your brain starts working on making those things come true. That’s why waking up a little bit earlier and start your day writing a list of your daily goals will do a big difference on how much you accomplish.

When writing the list, remember to write things in a detailed way.

For example, saying “start writing the book” is something to broad and will make you feel overwhelmed when you start working on that task, which means you will end up with no progress.

Try dividing the big task into smaller ones and go from there! Instead of “start writing the book” you can try “prepare the structure of the first chapter of the book”. That way, the task doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

Another thing that helps a lot is to make the list by importance. You start with the task that you need to do before anything else, and continue like this until you just have the less important left. That way, if you don’t manage to do everything because of lack of time, you at least have completed the most urgent things already.

When you schedule, you make life happen!

What are your tricks to be productive?

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