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Unity. Stronger. Together – Recap of STRONGER WEEKEND

Last Saturday, it was my privilege and honor to lead yoga at the Stronger Weekend event at Rose Bowl Stadium. What an amazing experience full of amazing people!

If you weren’t there, the event consisted of around 1,400 people who came together to participate in a day full of health and wellness activities, engage in inspiring conversations about nutrition, socialize and network with one another, as well as participate in fun and challenging workouts. We even attempted to break the Guinness World Records title for the most people holding a plank!

The experience couldn’t have been any better and I thank LIVESTRONG for inviting me to teach and everyone else who came out for a lovely afternoon.

This event was not only incredibly inspiring to me; it opened my eyes to something that I believe is important to remember: The power that we have when we all come together is unbreakable.

Whether it be a team or a group of friends, everyone has something unique and important to bring to the table to create magical experiences together. Stronger Weekend was the epitome of that!

I am walking away from the experience with a fresh perspective that we are truly stronger together physically and mentally.

This week I want to invite you to promote unity amongst your community, your family or workplace. The process of unity requires patience, communication and understanding, but with those combined together, the outcome is beautiful.

Yes, we are all strong independently, but imagine what can happen when you combine your strengths with the strengths of others in a positive, amicable way!


“The highlight of my experience was the transformation of my mind, Spirit and body through detoxification. I had never gotten to know myself in the way I did while in training. My thoughts were clear, my energy was high and my body was in the best shape of my life!” 


What make’s GLU YTT different?

There is much more than embodiment and asana being taught. There is spirituality, health, wellness, discipline and so much exposure to habits that only someone with Koya’s experience could provide. Koya, being a woman of color, also made a difference for me because of the underrepresentation in the field of highly successful yoga instructors. Being able to relate to her on that next level made the connection indescribable. The motherly warmth, love and acceptance she naturally provides brought me even more confidence through the training.

Who should attend?

I think anyone who is seeking tools for an overall better quality of life should attend. Even if you have no desire to become a Yoga instructor, there are so many life lessons from Get Loved Up that can be applied to any other endeavor one may have.

What was the #1 thing you took away from the training?

To trust the Universe completely.

What’s next for you?

I am currently teaching in studio, hosting events, booking corporate events and planning my first weekend yoga retreat!


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